Pat Buchanan: Vladimir Putin exemplifies the values of Jesus

“Putin not only publicly rejects the moral relativism of the West, under his guidance Russian social legislation is being consciously rooted in traditional Christian concepts of right and wrong,” Buchanan said.

“Putin is the anti-Obama,” enthused Buchanan, who was fired from MSNBC over passages from Suicide of a Superpower that were deemed to be dangerously close to racist hate speech.

Under Putin’s firm hand, Buchanan said, Russia is “moving to occupy the cultural-moral vacuum left by America. As we celebrate multiculturalism, LGBT rights and abortion on demand, Putin repudiates Hollywood values.”

Maybe Buchanan really thinks that Putin is the 21st century’s best exemplar of Christian love, or maybe he is just fed up with America’s anti-totalitarianism.

Pat Buchanan heaps praise on ‘anti-Obama’ Vladimir Putin for being ‘traditional Christian’.

More sleazy shenanigans from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met, whose deceptive admission policies are notorious, now claims copyright over the public domain works in their collection. They should get out of the museum business and go back to selling $20 Rolex watches out of a dirty cardboard box.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art Claims Copyright Over Massive Trove Of Public Domain Works « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Schools, Law Suits, Judges and Courts + Career Resources.

Republicans fight to get more white kids on welfare

After years of worrying that African-Americans suffer from the negative effects of welfare dependance, the RINO-controlled House Appropriations Committee has done a complete about-face and passed a budget bill that directs more nanny-state school lunch funding to the white children of the Appalachian region.

BiteMe applauds the RINOs for their new “welfare is good for you” stance. Huzzah!

House GOP Wants School Lunch Program To Feed Only ‘Rural’ Kids.

Proposed rule would force airlines to disclose sneaky charges

Since 2008, airlines have been charging for things — like checked bags — that were once included in the ticket price. More recently, some have begun offering packages with some of the once-free services added back into the cost of a ticket but at higher prices.

But what’s truly evil is that the airlines don’t want to disclose the real price in their advertising, making comparison shopping nearly impossible. Cute, huh?

To address the inequity, the United States Department of Transportation has proposed a rule requiring that passengers be provided detailed information on fees for a first checked bag, a second checked bag, advance seat assignments and carry-on bags.

Apparently full disclosure terrifies the airlines. Airlines for America, the industry trade association says that the “proposal overreaches and limits how free markets work.”

So they think that a free market works by hiding the price from the buyer? Bite me!

via Proposal wants airlines to be upfront with hidden charges | New York Post.

See also The Columbian and the Washington Post.

Global Warming Alarmists Are Unpatriotic Racists, says Pat Sajak

Actually his complete tweet was

I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.

I concede that Sajak is a better game show host than your Bitemaster. But when it comes to politics, we’re both just blowhards. Though Sajak has 48 thousand Twitter followers and the Bitemaster has . . . less than that.

Pat Sajak Trolls: ‘Global Warming Alarmists Are Unpatriotic Racists’.

Crap graph from the Department of Numbers

Here at BITEME, we love the Department of Numbers. But we have to call them out when they use a misleading graph like this one:

crap graph -- note the fake baseline

Here, they’ve set the baseline for the Y axis at 95 rather than zero, in order to exaggerate the rise in home prices and borrowing costs. Without the statistical manipulation, the lines would have been nearly flat — and boring.

Real Home Prices and Real Borrowing Costs Since the Bottom | Department of Numbers.

Cf: How to Lie with Statistics

Crap journalism from the New York Times

When I read the following on the Times website, I thought it would make a fine tidbit for BITEME.ME:

And at a black-tie dinner a few nights ago, a billionaire donor to the Republican Party warned that New York City risked becoming the “New Havana” under his [Mayor de Blasio’s] stewardship.

But it turns out the Times doesn’t name the supposed donor. Using a blind item like this puts the Times in the lower ranks of the supermarket tabloids.

Here at BITEME, we purvey a fair amount of bullshit, but unlike the Gray Lady, ours is sourced.

Republicans Cast de Blasio as a Leading Liberal Foe –

Fox’s Keith Ablow: Schools should ban leggings because they distract my son

Boy, that Ablow is some idiot, thinking that girls shouldn’t have the right to wear leggings in school.

Says one seventh-grader, “Not being able to wear leggings because it’s ‘too distracting for boys’ is giving us the impression we should be guilty for what guys do. We just want to be comfortable!”

Next, Ablow will probably oppose topfreedom for schoolgirls. After all, going topless is perfectly legal in many jurisdictions, so why not in school?

Fox’s Keith Ablow: Schools should ban leggings because they distract my son.

Justin Bieber tops Don Rickles, mocks Toronto Mayor

There’s a story that Don Rickles was once doing his act in a Miami Beach nightclub when Frank Sinatra came in. Don spotted Frank in the audience and said, “Make yourself at home Frank. Hit somebody.”

Now Justin Bieber has topped Rickles:

During a recent night on the town, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ran into Bieber. When the mayor tried to shake Bieber’s hand, the singer jokingly asked him: “Did you bring any crack to smoke?”


via Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to take leave for rehab as new crack smoking video, drunken rant emerges – NY Daily News.