Pat Buchanan: Vladimir Putin exemplifies the values of Jesus

“Putin not only publicly rejects the moral relativism of the West, under his guidance Russian social legislation is being consciously rooted in traditional Christian concepts of right and wrong,” Buchanan said.

“Putin is the anti-Obama,” enthused Buchanan, who was fired from MSNBC over passages from Suicide of a Superpower that were deemed to be dangerously close to racist hate speech.

Under Putin’s firm hand, Buchanan said, Russia is “moving to occupy the cultural-moral vacuum left by America. As we celebrate multiculturalism, LGBT rights and abortion on demand, Putin repudiates Hollywood values.”

Maybe Buchanan really thinks that Putin is the 21st century’s best exemplar of Christian love, or maybe he is just fed up with America’s anti-totalitarianism.

Pat Buchanan heaps praise on ‘anti-Obama’ Vladimir Putin for being ‘traditional Christian’.

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