Proposed rule would force airlines to disclose sneaky charges

Since 2008, airlines have been charging for things — like checked bags — that were once included in the ticket price. More recently, some have begun offering packages with some of the once-free services added back into the cost of a ticket but at higher prices.

But what’s truly evil is that the airlines don’t want to disclose the real price in their advertising, making comparison shopping nearly impossible. Cute, huh?

To address the inequity, the United States Department of Transportation has proposed a rule requiring that passengers be provided detailed information on fees for a first checked bag, a second checked bag, advance seat assignments and carry-on bags.

Apparently full disclosure terrifies the airlines. Airlines for America, the industry trade association says that the “proposal overreaches and limits how free markets work.”

So they think that a free market works by hiding the price from the buyer? Bite me!

via Proposal wants airlines to be upfront with hidden charges | New York Post.

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One thought on “Proposed rule would force airlines to disclose sneaky charges

  1. This practice has always pissed me off. It was standard practice for decades that a flight included one carry on and two checked bags as part of the purchase price. I recently flew to Maine for a job interview. The school picked up my flight, but I ended up having to shell out for my checked suitcase.

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