Arizona professor promotes better living through chemistry

Braden Allenby, former Vice President for Environment, Health and Safety at AT&T calls sports doping “enhancement” and thinks that we should get over our opposition to it, because it’s just part of the evolution of our species.

You’d think this was some Onion parody, but it’s not. The guy is actually a professor of ethics at Arizona State University,  and is hoping to study the “ethical, tactical and logistical , legal and policy, military-civilian, and strategic issues raised by the future deployment of bio-medically-enhanced warfighters

Lance Armstrong’s fall: A case for allowing performance enhancement – The Washington Post.

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Mitt Romney’s chief economic advisor gets big bucks from Wall Street — but you already guessed that

Glenn Hubbard, is Romney’s chief economic adviser, and served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under George W. Bush. He makes over $700,00 per year sitting on the boards of three financial sector companies, but also rakes in fees from his consulting and speaking engagements at other Wall Street firms.

In 2001, Hubbard spearheaded the Bush administration’s tax cuts, authoring a Wall Street Journal article titled, “Tax Cuts Won’t Hurt the Surplus.” In the article, he predicted that his tax cuts would preserve the Clinton budget surpluses by causing GNP to grow 0.3% per year faster.

You know how that worked out for us.

Charles Ferguson: Romney’s Other Credibility Problem: Glenn Hubbard.

Philadelphia police commissioner says . . .

‘[Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles] Ramsey is a big advocate of community policing. Rookie cops are required to be on street patrol for at least six months before he puts them in cruisers. “I want them to understand that there are decent, law-abiding citizens living in the worst of neighborhoods. And you ain’t never going to know that driving through a neighborhood in a Crown Vic, with the windows up and the radio on.”

via Annette John-Hall: Phila. police commissioner’s slow burn.

Zumba johns: Let the whining begin

Every day, names of alleged prostitutes like Alexis Wright of Kennebunk, Maine, are splashed across the news. Names of alleged criminals appear in press releases from the District Attorneys and US Attorneys. People (innocent until proven guilty) are perp-walked in front of the drooling TV cameras. But let a dude be caught with his pants down in a prostitution case and all of a sudden the system done him wrong.

Police say that high school hockey coach Don Hill was a customer of Wright. Gary Prolman, Hill’s lawyer, says he finds it “revolting” that Hill felt compelled to give up the job he loved because of the unproven charge that he engaged a prostitute. “I used to think that in the United States you were innocent until proven guilty and you don’t lose everything because of an accusation. I guess that’s all changed now,” Prolman said. “I’m pretty disgusted with the whole judicial process right now.”

Prolman, cry me a river. Or, better yet, Bite Me.

Lawyer angry that coach’s name was made public in Zumba prostitution case in Maine |