Cosby timeline

Well, now that everyone is piling on Bill Cosby, I though it would be interesting to see a timeline. Not of the accusations themselves (“In 2012, Mable accused Cosby of . . . “) but of the things he’s accused of (“In 1970, Cosby allegedly forced himself . . . ).

Most of the websites I checked had only the former (boooring!) but TV Guide came through. They’ve detailed what Cosby is accused of doing to various women from 1965 to 2004. That’s right: almost fifty years.

A final note: The TV Guide timeline lists no sexual assault accusations against Cosby once he hit about 67 years old.

Why No One Should Be Surprised By the Bill Cosby Rape Allegations – Today’s News: Our Take |

Smithsonian Magazine names George W. Bush and not Obama one of 100 most significant Americans

“The in-house magazine for the Smithsonian Institution decided that George W. Bush is a more ‘significant’ figure in U.S. history than the country’s first Black president, Barack Obama, who did not make the list.”

And BiteMe names Smithsonian Magazine to its list of the 100 Least Significant Magazines.

Smithsonian names George W. Bush and not Obama to ’100 most Significant Americans’ and no one cares.

Bryan Fischer explains the real meaning of the First Amendment

Christian pastor Bryan Fischer says that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution only applies to Christianity:

“I have written on numerous occasions that the purpose of the First Amendment was only to protect the free exercise of the Christian faith and to prevent the selection and designation of one Christian denomination as the official church of the United States.” The Establishment Clause’s statement that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” says Fischer, only means that the states can decide among themselves how to treat believers belonging to faiths other than Christianity. “The regulation of every other form of religious expression is reserved to the states, who then have complete latitude to restrain or permit religious expression as they see fit.”

This dude has totally nailed it. So I propose that the Temple of Satan renounce their wicked ways, change their name to the Temple of Jesus and start passing out coloring books in the public schools to promote snake handling,
Sedevacantist Catholicism, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, and Family International.

Bryan Fischer: ‘Freedom of Religion’ in US is only a choice of which Christian church to join.

Uber Executive proposes using Scientology tactics on journalists who criticize

You know what Scientology does to its opponents: it declares them “fair game” and uses investigations, character assassination, legal action and infiltration to eventually destroy them.

That’s what Uber senior vice president Emil Michael wants to do to journalists who write unflattering things about his company. According to BuzzFeed, Michael “. . . suggested that the company should consider hiring a team of opposition researchers to dig up dirt on its critics in the media — and specifically to spread details of the personal life of a female journalist who has criticized the company.”

Creepy, huh? But Uber apparently is even creepier than that, sometimes using the travel logs of their journalist customers to spy on them.

In fact, the general manager of Uber NYC accessed the profile of a BuzzFeed News reporter, Johana Bhuiyan, to make points in the course of a discussion of Uber policies. At no point in the email exchanges did she give him permission to do so.”

Sure, all the New Technology companies spy on you to make money. But now you have to worry that they’re spying on you to fuck you over.

Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt On Journalists.

Ted Cruz wants you to have slow porn

We all know how Ted Cruz is fighting against net neutrality. Oh, you didn’t know? Well Cruz thinks it’s a good idea for your cable company or ISP to decide which programs come to you at full speed and which are throttled. No doubt you’ll be seeing infomercials in HD while things you actually WANT to see — like news and porn, concerts and porn, how-to-videos and more porn — will stream all jaggedy-assed.

For a scholarly introduction to this significant issue, just click below:

AT&T surrenders to criminals; DOJ steps up to the plate

Several cellphone providers have been tracking their users’ Internet activities by adding “supercookies” to cellphone transmissions. The providers say that it’s just for normal business purposes, but the truth is that the trove of data they’re amassing is of enormous value to law enforcement in their struggle to stay ahead of the bad guys.

Because of the negative publicity that followed the disclosure of this cellphone tracking, as well as pressure from self-appointed Internet watchdogs like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, AT&T has caved and is no longer collecting the data.

The good news is that the Department of Justice has stepped into the breach. The DOJ now has a fleet of airplanes that act as decoy cell towers. Say you use Verizon, and the DOJ wants to see what you’re up to — they have their planes send out the same signals that real Verizon towers use, so that your phone connects to their network instead of Verizon’s. That way, the government can capture everything you do on your phone.

As for privacy, the government assures us that, if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

AT&T stops adding Web tracking codes on cellphones | The Augusta Chronicle.

Ft. Lauderdale sucks; Pope Francis rocks!

While Ft. Lauderdale arrests people for feeding the homeless, Pope Francis is building three shower stalls for the homeless in the public restrooms of St. Peter’s Square.

This particular idea came from the Pope’s “Almoner,” Archbishop Konrad Krajewsk, but the Pope’s commitment to the poor is long-standing:

Pope Francis has paid special attention to the plight of the poor during his young papacy. Last year, a source in Rome told The Huffington Post that the pontiff has left the Vatican at night dressed like an ordinary priest to join Krajewski on his nightly rounds to meet with the homeless. According to the AP, it’s a practice he began when he was archbishop of Argentina.

No wonder Franmcis has been called a communist, a leftist; and his ideas reviled as “pure Marxism.”

Pope Francis’ Almoner Is Building Showers For The Homeless At The Vatican.

Kyle Smith, top bile-spewer at NY Post, is jealous of Scott Stringer

Kyle Smith, who gets paid to slam Democrats in the Post, has taken time out from his busy schedule of doing good deeds, to knock City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Stringer, who has served well as a member of the Assembly, Borough President and State Comptroller, is far from perfect. But he has done a lot of good and has shown himself to be a dedicated public servant.

But Smith is not satisfied by showing any Stringer shortcomings. Because Stringer is a liberal — in a decidedly liberal city — Smith is bent on destruction through character assassination. Some examples:

  • ‘The career politicians in the administrative class like to call themselves “public servants” when they’re feeling humble, or “leaders” when a moment of vanity strikes.’ [cheap shot artists like Smith like to resort to scare quotes]
  • ‘They’re really more like imperial overlords. Sometimes they’re elected, sometimes they’re not, but either way what they love most is to spend our money on their own glorification.’
  • Smith calls Stringer New York’s ‘newest little Caesar’
  • Smith describes Stringer’s election by NYC voters a ‘coup’ and his security detail a ‘Praetorian guard’
  • With no basis, Smith refers to the Comptroller’s alleged ‘imperial obliviousness.’
  • Smith flings around the phrase ‘our rulers’ but neglects to say exactly who he’s referring to. I’d guess it’s elected officials who he disagrees with. I doubt he’d use the term to describe George Bush or Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz or Peter T. King.

So it’s high time to tell Kyle Smith: Bite me!

Public ‘servants’ spend our money on their own glorification | New York Post.

Dr. Keith Ablow stands by his diagnosis of President Obama

Ablow, a noted Fox News commentator, has doubled down on his armchair diagnosis of the inner life of the President.

As a medical professional it is readily apparent that a President who tours the world apologizing for America, who was part of a church in which the pastor preached “God damn America!” and who admonished American entrepreneurs that they did not build their own businesses is a President who has issues with the nation of which he is President.

Not being medical professionals, we can’t say whether Ablow’s diagnosis is correct, but we can say that he stands in the august company of Ralph Ginzburg, who revealed that 1189 psychiatrists had diagnosed Barry Goldwater as psychologically unfit to be President.

If we had to choose between Ablow’s one-man diagnosis and the opinion of 1189 shrinks, we’d go with the latter.

Fox Doc: Quit Calling Me A ‘Narcissist’ For My ‘Psychiatric Analysis’ Of Obama!.

California teachers sue union over dues

The so-called Center for Individual Rights (a right wing litigation boutique funded by the usual billionaires) is helping ten California teachers challenge the state “union shop” law.

Apparently these misguided teachers are mad that they have to pay union dues to get the benefits of the contracts that the union has negotiated.

The Center for Individual Rights hopes to take the case to the Supreme Court and overturn union shops nationwide. If successful, the ten California plaintiffs will probably end up being quashed like insects by their employer. After which, they’ll blame Obamacare.

California teachers sue union over dues, politics | Fox News.