The Bitemaster speaks out about Ebola

When it comes to the major issues of the day, you can trust the Bitemaster to have opinions. Here are his observations about the Ebola virus:

  1. The Republicans will continue to say stupid things
  2. There ARE no protocols
  3. Nurses routinely ignore protocols anyway
  4. The CDC is a bunch of scientists and are not skilled at responding to emergencies
  5. Where the hell has the Public Health Service and Surgeon General been?
  6. Prohibiting people from affected countries from coming here – at least for a while – is a good idea
  7. An Ebola “czar” is a stupid idea – it just multiplies the bureaucrats

The CDC, the Public Health Service, and the Surgeon General are all part of the Department of Health and Human Services. Ron Klain, Obama’s new “Ebola response coordinator” (Ebola czar), reports to Homeland Security Adviser Lisa Monaco and National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Both are part of the Executive Office of the President. In other words, the President has cut out Sylvia Mathews Burwell, his Secretary of Health and Human Services. Presumably, the Prez has no confidence in Burwell’s ability to get the job done and has put in apparatchik Klain as his new “take charge” guy. I think it would have been better to shake up HHS, rather than add another layer of bureaucracy.

Di Blasio’s police department comes out against smartphone privacy

New York City Mayor Di Blasio has issued a strong condemnation, through his police commissioner, of the encryption software that will come with the new Google and Apple smartphones.

Apparently Di Blasio thinks that you wouldn’t care about his police snooping through your stuff if you haven’t committed a crime.

And for that, Di Blasio can Bite Me.

NYPD Commissioner Bratton vows to push against Apple, Google smartphone encryption – NY Daily News.

Michael Brown of FEMA and EPA head Christie Todd Whitman assure America that Ebola is not a serious risk to U.S.

Actually, it was Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC, who said, “We remain confident that Ebola is not a significant public health threat to the United States.”

So why should I trust him?

CDC head assures Ebola not serious risk to U.S., Obama mulls ‘czar’ while nurse patients moved out of Dallas – NY Daily News.

This is how you write a retraction

Earlier this week, Deadspin ran an article claiming U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, Republican candidate for Senate, had misrepresented his high school football career. Later, Deadspin concluded that they had the story wrong and that Cory’s version of events was correct.

Instead of running a “if mistakes were made . . . ” half-hearted retraction, Deadspin said “We fucked up.”

Good for them.

How Deadspin Fucked Up The Cory Gardner Story.

Hat tip to MrMild.

Candidate Andrew Cuomo proposes a state Office of Faith-Based Services

Andrew Cuomo, who’s running for something, recently spoke to a gathering of Baptist leaders in Harlem. He announced his intention to create a state Office of Faith-Based Services. In addition to its mission of helping churches and other faith-based institutions to provide “education, health, workforce training, food programs and social services to communities, especially those most in need,” it would probably provide a means of funneling state funds to worthy institutions that support Cuomo’s aspirations for higher office.

Andrew Cuomo proposes creation of state Office of Faith-Based Services – NY Daily News.

Di Blasio cracks down on journalists shooting video in public places

NY1 reporters are routinely harassed by school safety officers as well as by NYPD officers when they try to cover stories outside of public schools.

Mayor Di Blasio seems to be following the august tradition of tough guy Rudy Giuliani.

Meeting to Address Reports of School Safety Officers Rushing Students Out of Neighborhoods – NY1.

Who owns “how” ?

Management consultant Dov Seidman is suing Chobani yogurt for using the word “how” as a noun.

Seidman uses the phrase “How Matters” to promote his business; he’s also written a book, How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything. 

The suit is a result of Chobani using the phrase “Chobani. How matters.” in its advertising.

Sigh. Remember when Apple tried to protect the letter “i” ?

How About That? – Lingua Franca – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Oregon man robbed of his gun . . .

Perhaps he could have defended himself if he had been armed.

Twenty-one-year-old William Coleman III of Gresham was standing and talking to his cousin when another man approached him and asked for a cigarette.

The man asked Coleman about his weapon, a Walther P22 pistol. He then pulled a pistol from the waistband of his pants, pointed it at Coleman and said, “I like your gun. Give it to me.”

Coleman did as he was told and the man then fled on foot.

Open carry enthusiast robbed at gunpoint: ‘I like your gun. Give it to me.’.

Another Bloomberg screw-up

A high-tech polyurethane floor poured in August for the new Police Academy’s massive, 45,000-square-foot gym was a total botch job.

The new Academy building was begun in 2010 and slated for completion in 2013. Now that the high-tech floor (touted as ‘better than Madison Square Garden’) has started to buckle, it will be 2015 — at the earliest — before it can be put into service. Also, it’s going to cost a bunch o’ bucks to replace and the project is already $100 million over budget.

Nice work, Mike.

High-tech floor at new NYPD academy is already falling apart | New York Post.