What’s the big deal when two gay businessmen have dinner with Ted Cruz?

After playing host to Senator Ted Cruz, the hoteliers Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass come under fire from gay activists.

In April, Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass held a dinner for Sen. Ted Cruz, the Presidential candidate, and gave him a campaign contribution. The whole gay world promptly blew a gasket.

But it wasn’t Cruz’s anti-gay and anti-marriage-equality positions that brought Reisner and Weiderpass into the Cruz camp. Rich dudes like them are attracted to politicians who will protect their money and power.

So where does Cruz stand on some of the issues that concern Reisner and Weiderpass? Let’s have a look:

  • against the Affordable Care Act
  • in favor of the Keystone pipeline
  • believes that climate change is not man-made
  • against increasing the national debt
  • advocates abolition of the IRS

If I were a cynical rich asshole, I’d probably support Cruz, too.

Source: A Dinner With Ted Cruz Shines an Unwelcome Spotlight on Two Gay Businessmen – NYTimes.com

God unleashes ‘Relentless wall of water’ upon Texas as punishment for Gov. Abbott opposition to gay marriage

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, reiterated his support for the state’s ban on gay marriage in February. Now God has retaliated by unleashing floods of Biblical proportions, sweeping away several of Abbott’s constituents in a wall of water.

Abbott has said the damage caused by flash-flooding in Central Texas is “absolutely devastating . . . absolutely massive . . . [with] relentless tsunami-type power.” If that doesn’t convince the Gov that God has a message for him, he’s dumber than we thought.

Source: ‘Relentless wall of water’: Texas Gov. Abbott declares state of disaster in 24 counties after heavy flooding

Thanks to Governor Sam Brownback, Kansas is heading the way of Greece

Because of the tax cuts enacted in 2012 and 2013, Kansas faces a deficit that equals 17% of the entire state budget. What is their legislature doing about it? Jack shit. That’s because die-hard conservatives won’t roll back the cuts that are sending the state down the drain.

Source: Kansas’ Governor Destroyed The State Budget With Massive Tax Cuts And Now Kansans Are Paying The Price | ThinkProgress

99% of NYC population is now in jail

According to Think Progress:

Out of all 35 jurisdictions mentioned in the report, New York City had the largest jail population by far, with 8,405,837 behind bars in 2014.

Given that the city’s population is 8,491,079, the percent in jail is 0.989960993178841. That’s one hell of a revelation. Thanks, Think Progress!

Source: Jail Doesn’t Cost What You Think It Does

De Blasio appointee claims that cops’ lives are put at risk when they are photographed in public places

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who serves at the pleasure of Mayor De Blasio, is claiming that citizens who record police in public are placing officers’ lives at risk.

Bratton, you’re an idiot and Hizzoner will eventually figure it out.

If people are getting in the way of the police doing their jobs, it’s a problem that the Mayor and City Council should deal with. But it has nothing to do with whether or not those bystanders happen to be holding phones or cameras.

Source: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Claims Citizens Who Record Cops Place Officers’ Lives at Risk – PINAC

Larry McShane of the Daily News tries to hog all the credit

Larry McShane breathlessly writes in the Daily News:

They turned charity into cold-hearted cash. A shocking federal lawsuit charges four phony philanthropies, all purportedly aiding cancer victims, spent their $187 million in donations on Caribbean cruises, Disney World trips and dating services.

It’s all true, but it’s all old news.

Almost a year ago, the Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting did an actual investigative report on the Reynolds charity combine. From the Tampa Bay Times article: “To track the family connections, the Times and CIR reviewed thousands of pages of financial records and investigative documents from regulators in eight states, interviewed vendors and recipients and traced donations from the phone banks to their ultimate destination.”

All Larry McShane did was read some press releases and make some phone calls. That, and deprive the Tampa Bay Times of the credit for breaking the story.

Still, there was some actual “news” here: the FTC and some state attorneys general have finally acted. But you’d never know that from Larry McShane’s sloppy article.

Source: Cancer charities misused $187 million in donations: feds – NY Daily News

Sy Hersh would have had more facts on a UFO coverup

In the London Review of Books, Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour M. Hersh calls the official report of the Osama bin Laden raid “a complete lie.”

But not everyone thinks Hersh has the goods. Jack Shafer in Politico says

It’s a messy omelet of a piece that offers little of substance for readers or journalists who may want to verify its many claims. The Hersh piece can’t be refuted because there’s not enough solid material to refute. Like the government officials who spun the original flawed Abbottabad stories, he simply wants the reader to trust him.

Perhaps Hersh should be investigating UFOs instead, since there is a wealth of evidence of UFOs, with sightings ranging from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to Astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Source: Sy Hersh, Lost in a Wilderness of Mirrors – Jack Shafer – POLITICO Magazine

Conservative spurns Obamacare and insurance — but blames Obama now that he’s going broke and blind

Luis Lang is a smoker and diabetic who doesn’t believe in health insurance. But now that he’s going blind he suddenly wants in. His wife, Mary, whines “He should be at the front of the line because he doesn’t work and because he has medical issues. We call it the Not Fair Health Care Act.”

Hey, Luis, why would you want to submit yourself to those Death Panels anyway? Stand up, be a man, pay your own way, don’t mooch off the taxpayers. And, lastly, Bite Me!

Source: Conservative spurns Obamacare and insurance — but blames Obama now that he’s going broke and blind

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman arranges special deal for Rabbi David Cohen in the Met Council fraud case

Rabbi David Cohen allegedly was part of a 20-year conspiracy to steal from the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. Cohen pleaded guilty to Grand Larceny in the First Degree (a class B felony) but the generous AG has now allowed Cohen to withdraw his plea and plead instead to Grand Larceny in the Third Degree (a class D felony).

When Schneiderman catches on to all the dough I’ve been pilfering from BITEME, I hope he’ll be just as generous to me.

Source: Rabbi David Cohen Sentenced To One Year In Jail And $650,000 In Restitution In Met Council Fraud – FailedMessiah.com

Don’t believe anything until it’s been denied

“Jade Helm 15” is the name of a “military training operation” that Chuck Norris and Louis Gohmert have explained is just a cover for a joint Chinese/ISIS takeover of Texas and other states.

Source: Wal-Mart: ‘No Truth To The Rumors’ Of Tunnels Being Built To Take Over Texas