Do We Need a Ministry of Truth for the Internet?

Adam Thierer at Forbes wonders whether we need a Ministry of Truth for the Internet. After much bloviating, he decides not. Well, he’s a bit late to the party. Google has been “filtering” results in Germany, France and China. And Twitter has begun doing it, too. There are more than enough agencies out there willing to perform the duties of the Ministry of Truth. But we don’t need more censors; we need more critical readers.

NBC asserts First Amendment doesn’t apply to them

NBC has asked the Romney campaign to remove network material from Romney’s campaign ads. Nice bit of hypocrisy: NBC thinks their copyright trumps Romney’s First Amendment right. But what would happen if the roles were reversed? If Romney demanded that NBC stop showing HIS copyrighted works — such as his campaign ads — or tried to bar NBC from his appearances. NBC would be screaming “public’s right to know.” Bite me, NBC.


The IRS “reveals” 36 Obama aides are far behind in their taxes — maybe

Here’s a cute article that claims that 36 Obama aides are far behind in their taxes. Could be, but the article doesn’t give its source. If you Google around, you’ll find some right-wing blogs refer to a “Federal Employee and Retiree Delinquency Inventory.” But the IRS website has no such report. Until someone comes up with some actual facts, I’m issuing a conditional BITE ME.