Gun owners plan to resist new gun laws

‘Assault-rifle owners statewide are organizing a mass boycott of Gov. Cuomo’s new law mandating they register their weapons, daring officials to “come and take it away,” The Post has learned.’

I’ve read this elsewhere, too. The idea is that you cannot seize the guns of millions of gun owners.

i don’t think we should seize their guns, just punish them for not registering them. And THAT, I think, is pretty easy.

When someone is found with an unregistered gun, we take away their driver’s license for a year,. seize their tax refund, put a lien on their house, disable their EZ-pass, stop their Pell grants, etc. In other words, they lose all that government stuff that they hate so much.

And, oh yeah, they can BITE ME.

via Inside Albany: Gun owners plan boycott of Cuomo laws –

Neil Heslin, Father Of Newtown Victim, Heckled By Pro-Gun Activists

For goodness’ sake, you can be against gun control without being an absolute dick about it. The Newtown massacre was less than two months ago and the gun nuts show up to heckle the father of one of the victims.

Bite Me!

Neil Heslin, Father Of Newtown Victim, Heckled By Pro-Gun Activists VIDEO, PHOTOS.

Holy Crap: Mediator Joins Contentious Effort to Add a ‘Do Not Track’ Option to Web Browsing

Apparently the privacy advocates and the industry representatives have been calling each other naughty names while fighting over the issue of how to give people using the Web better ways to opt out of online tracking.

The stakes are high. On the one hand, we’re being data-mined up the wazoo. Companies track our online behavior and sell the information to advertisers. On the other hand, we get free access to all kinds of services and information on the Web, mostly paid for by that advertising. If the ad revenue dries up, we’re going to have to pay for those services.

For example, Google makes about $10 billion per year from advertising. Say they have a billion users — each would have to cough up $10 per year to replace Google’s ad revenue. But I don’t think it would actually work out that way. I think 50 million users — at the most — would pay. And that Google would shrink to a $5 billion company. Let’s guess that 50 million anonymous users are each worth $5/year to advertisers, yielding $250 million in ad revenue. So the 50 million users would have to make up $4.75 billion in revenue. It comes to $7.92 per user per month.

Those are cocktail napkin guesses, but the point remains — if we all opt out of online tracking we’re going to pay more in fees, get less service or — most likely — both.

Peter Swire Named Mediator in Internet ‘Do Not Track’ Effort –

Mario Batali installs alarms in NYC restaurants to alert kitchen workers to health inspectors

Look, I’m not a customer of Mario Batali’s overpriced restaurants, but I’d surely avoid any place that got it’s A rating through “evasive practices.” Better to eat at a place with an honest B than a dishonest A.

EXCLUSIVE: Mario Batali plans to use hidden alarms in NYC restaurants to alert kitchen workers to health inspectors so they can dump food and take break –

Nurses bloody mad about having to wear white uniforms

So the nurses have their scrubs in a twist over a new rule requiring them to wear white uniforms — actually just white tops, they can wear whatever pants or skirts they wish. The nurses have plenty of excuses: the white is too translucent, it doesn’t look good with blood, yada yada yada.

However, the articles I’ve read don’t mention that the nurses had threatened to strike late last year over salary and benefits. I think the uniform rule is management payback for their employees’ uppityness.

A Lenox Hill spokesman said, “Unless you work in a hospital, most people cannot distinguish these people [respiratory therapists, physician’s assistants, nurse managers, assistant nurses, patient care associates and others] from one another. The bright white top will make it easier for patients to identify who the nurse is.”

I’ve spent all too much time in hospitals and the one thing I never had trouble identifying was the nurses. You see the nurses all the time. Most of them identify themselves at the start of their shift, they bring your meds, take you to the john, clean you up, take your blood pressure, stick needles into you, tell you when you’re about to be discharged and wake you up at ungodly hours for “procedures.”

Doctors are not so clear. Who’s in charge of my care, anyway? Is it the intern, resident, chief resident, or attending physician? What happened to the doc who had me admitted — what’s his role? I have questions about this new pill — can I ask the doctor? — oh, he’s not in on weekends?

One hospital I was at had a “hospitalist” who was supposed to be in charge of the patient’s care. His or her name was on the white board in the patient’s room, but the hospitalist was never available to answer questions.

I know of another hospital with sophisticated medical “teams,” but the teams don’t talk to one another and the meds they prescribe don’t get written down on the patient charts for the nurses to administer.

I’m sure everything would work better if those overworked nurses were wearing white tops.

Nurses bloody mad about dress-code change | Crain’s New York Business.

Virginia Repugs try to stack the deck in Electoral College allocation

Having gerrymandered the Virginia congressional district lines to ensure that Repugs win the most possible congressional seats, the Virginia Repugs now want to allocate Electoral Co0llege votes by congressional district.

In the 2012 election, Obama won all 13 electoral votes in Virginia’s winner-take-all race. Had the election been under the proposed rules, Obama would have had only 4 electoral votes, to Romney’s 9 — despite winning the statewide popular vote.

Since the Repugs cannot win at the polls, they’re trying vote suppression, gerrymandering and rigging the rules. They’re sore losers and they can BITE ME.


Virginia Electoral Votes Allocation Measure Advances In State Senate.

Jewish parochial schools in Brooklyn don’t meet state and federal education requirements

‘Under New York state and federal regulations, all New York schools, public and private, are required to offer “equivalency of instruction” in basic general subjects such as American history and math. . . .

‘More than a dozen parents, teachers and students told New York that many of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish schools fall shy of even that narrow requirement, offering only an hour or two a day of pro-forma instruction for general subjects, if any.

‘ “There are a number of schools which have absolutely no pretenses of it — kids from 3-years-old to 18 have no secular education at all, ” said Zalman Alpert, a librarian at Yeshiva University and an expert on the Orthodox community. ‘

Read the article and you’ll find that Bloomberg’s Department of Education, which, under the law, regulates parochial schools, makes no effort to ensure that Jewish parochial school students get an adequate education.

via English is Absent and Math Doesn’t Count at Brooklyn’s Biggest Yeshivas – New York.