Give a Republican an inch . . .

‘On “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S.C. said that he wouldn’t support a $250,000 level because Democrats will agree to a higher threshold.’

via Obama’s Firm Fiscal Cliff Stance Had Pushed GOP In Corner, Jon Kyl Says.

‘As lawmakers filtered back to the Capitol Sunday in hopes of hearing news of a deal, Republicans added changes to Social Security to their list of demands, a development that a Democratic aide close to the talks described as “a major setback.”’

via Washington Post

Sure, they see that you’re “flexible” and they figure you’re a patsy.


On fiscal cliff . . . we’re so screwed

According to this HuffPo article (On Fiscal Cliff, Republicans Wait For Action From Obama, Democrats.), we’ll need Republican votes to pass a budget that would avert the fiscal cliff.

In the House, Speaker John Boehner can’t deliver those votes; and in the Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t dare to because he’s anticipating a Tea Party challenge for his seat in the next election.

This does not bode well.

Not every Republican is out of his bleeping mind

Republican pollster Frank Luntz says “I don’t think the NRA is listening. I don’t think that they understand. Most Americans would protect the Second Amendment rights and yet agree with the idea that not every human being should own a gun, not every gun should be available at anytime, anywhere, for anyone. That at gun shows, you should not be able to buy something there and then without any kind of check whatsoever. What they’re looking for is a common-sense approach that says that those who are law-abiding should continue to have the right to own a weapon, but that you don’t believe the right should be extended to everyone at every time for every type of weapon.”

via Frank Luntz, GOP Pollster: The NRA Isn’t Listening With Proposal For Armed Guards At Schools.

Fox News cuts off Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Dallas) appeared on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News show to talk about the fiscal cliff. When challenged to name a single program she’d cut, she couldn’t. Cavuto went to commercial.

Johnson should have learned from Rick Perry and Sarah Palin what happens when you go on TV and aren’t prepared.

via Fox News cuts off Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson after she won’t name one program she’d cut | Texas on the Potomac | a blog.

NRA claims public wants armed guards in every school

This is the week that NRA head Wayne LaPierre said we need armed policemen in every school in the land. He also said “Israel had a whole lot of school shootings until they did one thing: They said ‘we’re going to stop it,’ and they put armed security in every school and they have not had a problem since then.”

That’s interesting. So I did a little digging and found that Israel has ‘way tougher gun laws than us, and is thinking of further toughening them. Wonder why LaPierre didn’t mention that.

WATCH: NRA claims public wants armed guards in every school –

Jerry Della Femina blames Obama for end of Hamptons glitterati parties

Jerry Della Femina has sold his East Hampton estate because of fear of impending tax hikes. “I’m basically the loser in Obama’s class warfare,” he fumed. “That’s what this boils down to. If Romney was elected, we would have had our parties in East Hampton this year.”

Cry me a river, asshole.

EXCLUSIVE: Advertising legend Jerry Della Femina blames Obama for having to sell his Hamptons estate before New Year –

Smith & Wesson reversed its decline by introducing assault rifle and breaking gun safety pledge

During the Clinton years, gun maker Smith & Wesson pledged that any new firearms would not take a magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and that dealers would be required to more aggressively apply background checks to buyers.

As a result, they faced a boycott by gun owners and their business suffered. During the Bush years, they went back on their pledge and introduced a new line of high-capacity pistols and their first-ever, assault-style rifle. It worked like a charm and they were soon selling more than 100,000 assault-style rifles a year and earning record revenues.

“In August 2012, James Holmes, a disturbed graduate student, allegedly opened fire on a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colo., with a Smith & Wesson M&P15 assault-style rifle, killing 12 and injuring 58. The rifle was fitted with an ‘ultra-capacity’ magazine holding 100 rounds.”

What does the NRA think of Smith & Wesson? They gave S&M their “Golden Ring of Freedom” award, saying, “Smith & Wesson is a valued corporate partner in NRA’s fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment.”

I’d give them our “Merchant of Death Award” instead.

Smith & Wesson Broke Clinton-Era Gun Safety Pledge To Boost Profits.

All your pix belong to us

Google, Facebook, now Instagram is planning to monetize you by selling your pictures.

“To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you,” reads an excerpt of updated Terms.

Boy, THAT’S going to improve my user experience!

How your Instagram photo might end up in an ad.