Sanders campaign accessed Clinton voter data

Bernie Sanders apologized to Hillary Clinton in the third Democratic debate hosted by ABC News after his staffers accessed Clinton’s voter data. “Yes, I apologize,” he said when asked whether Clinton was owed an apology. “I very much appreciate that comment, Bernie,” Clinton responded.

Quick summary: A Bernie Sanders staffer accessed Clinton voter data on a DNC computer. DNC cut off Sanders campaign’s access to DNC voter data. Sanders sued DNC, fired staffer, apologized to Clinton. DNC restored access.

Sounds like everyone is happy now.

But just a day before, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver accused the DNC of theft:

Two million contributions have come in. Those contributions paid for the data that the DNC has stolen. Those voters and volunteers — that’s their data. That’s not Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s data.

It was a classic Big Lie.

Sanders accused the DNC of theft, but if there was any theft, it was Sanders’ employees who stole Clinton’s voter data.

A new kind of candidate?


Source: Bernie Sanders Apologizes to Hillary Clinton Over Accessing Voter Data – Yahoo

De Blasio’s Housing Authority turns on the heat only when temperatures go below 25 degrees outside

Now that’s cold!

You may be wondering where the Bitemaster has been for the last few weeks. Sure, he sometimes has to do some housework at the BiteCastle, such as shoveling coal into the furnace and garbage into the fusion generator. But mainly he’s been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of unadulterated bullshit emanating from the country’s Republican party. Just climbing out of the festering pile is a Herculean task and we don’t have the Alpheus and Peneus rivers to help us.

On rare occasions, a Democrat will also screw up. One example is De Blasio’s New York City Housing Authority. Its problems aren’t new (see our previous NYCHA posts) but turning off the heat until outdoor temperatures fall below 25 degrees is just unacceptable. Not to mention the problems with mold that the City is unable to keep at bay.

NB: Running NYCHA is not easy. Its population is about 400,000, making it the 40th largest city in the U.S., larger than Miami, Minneapolis, and New Orleans. And compared to other cities, New York has actually done a fairly decent job with its public housing.

Source: NYCHA turns on heat only when temps fall below 25 degrees