The Bitemaster is not a big fan of . . .

The Bitemaster is not a big fan of . . .

  • The Rhode Island branch of the ACLU bringing suit against the nativity scene in Pawtucket RI (they were slapped down by the Supreme Court in Lynch v. Donnelly)
  • What the Taliban did to the Buddhas of Bamiyan
  • The bombing of the Borobudur temple
  • The tearing down of Confederate statues
  • The defacing of statues of Columbus
  • The renaming of the State of Washington
  • The renaming of sports teams

The Bitemaster is fine with

  • Ceasing to fly the Confederate battle flag over government buildings
  • Removing the Confederate battle flag from state flags (i.e., Mississippi)
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Multiculturalism
  • The ACLU defending the right of the Klan to march in Skokie, opposing Trump’s Muslim ban, and protecting the First Amendment rights of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville VA.

Sleazy museum to clear up ‘suggested’ fee confusion

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will alter its cashier signs to make it clearer to patrons that $25 is only the “suggested” price.

The change is part of a deal settling one of two lawsuits which accused the Met of subtly coercing art lovers to pay the $25 with tiny signs that describe the fee as “recommended.”

One group of plaintiffs is willing to settle with the sleazy Metropolitan Museum of Art, while the other plaintiffs want to tighten the thumbscrews some more.

The Bitemaster, who’s blogged about this before, thinks waterboarding might be called for.

Source: The Met to clear up ‘suggested’ fee confusion – NY Daily News

‘South Park’ dares wonder whether Caitlyn Jenner ‘is a hero’

Here at the Bitecastle, we never watch “South Park” but the idea that the show would give political correctness a kick in the ass does have a certain appeal for us. That’s because we think it’s important to question pretty much any orthodoxy.

On the other hand, we generally refer to Caitlin Jenner as “she” because it’s polite to use the language that she prefers.

Source: ‘South Park’ dares wonder whether Caitlyn Jenner ‘is a hero’

Bilingual Arizona news anchor insists on pronouncing Spanish words properly

Arizona news anchor Vanessa Ruiz is bilingual and pronounces Spanish words and names correctly. There has been the expected blowback on the Interweb. For example:

“Please speak with out your accent! I hope I didn’t offend, but I love the first amendment without second hand accent.”

We totally support Ruiz’s attempt to educate Americans, but hope someone will establish a GoFundMe to send her to America latina (Latin America) so she can teach them to correctly pronounce English words, such as

  • United States (not Estados Unidos)
  • Baseball (not béisbol)
  • Americans (not Norteamericanos)
  • President Barack Obama (not Presidente Barack Obama)
  • New York (not Nueva York)

And the list goes on . . .

Source: Bilingual Arizona news anchor responds perfectly to criticism about pronouncing Spanish words properly

Famous Nude Statues Have Naughty Bits Pixelated — Now Safe for For Facebook!

Apparently, German photographer Peter Kaaden had a picture of a naked statue from the Louvre yanked from Facebook, so he’s now created a whole series of pictures of nude statues, each with their erogenous zones carefully redacted. Click the link to see. Don’t worry — they’re Safe for Work!

Artist Hilariously Censors The Louvre’s Nude Statues For Facebook (SFW!).

More sleazy shenanigans from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met, whose deceptive admission policies are notorious, now claims copyright over the public domain works in their collection. They should get out of the museum business and go back to selling $20 Rolex watches out of a dirty cardboard box.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art Claims Copyright Over Massive Trove Of Public Domain Works « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Schools, Law Suits, Judges and Courts + Career Resources.

ProEnglish Group Has Trouble Writing Proper English

You’re not going to be surprised to learn that an English-as-the-official-language group is having trouble with their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Mind you, your Bitemaster does not think that having an official language is always a bad thing, but when it’s promoted by a bunch of racists, he proclaims, “Bite me!”

ProEnglish Group Has Trouble Writing Proper English.

Miley Cyrus can bite me

Miley Cyrus in her interview with Matt Lauer:

“I heard when you turn 40 things start to go a little less sexual, so probably around 40, around that time, I heard that’s when people don’t have sex anymore.” When Lauer said that he’s 55, Cyrus replied,  “Well, then you’re really, definitely not sexual.”

Miley Cyrus to Matt Lauer: People over 40 ‘don’t have sex anymore’ –