With cameras banned, CNN sends sketch artist to White House briefing


Good one! Though the Bitemaster thinks the White House press corps should disband. Desk jockeys back in the newsroom can read and fact-check the tweets and faxes just as well.

Florida man catches postal worker with mousetrap in mailbox

Nicholas Dibble thought that one of his neighbors was stealing his mail so he put some sort of trap in his mailbox. But he forgot to tell his letter carrier. Ooops.

Apparently the Post Office is not going to charge Dibble with a federal crime, just stop delivering his mail. But was Dibble relieved or grateful? Nope. His response was “I am the victim.”

Source: Florida man catches postal worker with mousetrap in mailbox – NY Daily News
See also US Attorneys guidelines.

It’s all Trump’s fault!

One of the key reasons your Bitemaster stayed away for so long was the tsunami of idiocy emanating from President Trump and the Trump administration. Every day, the Real Media has been filled with examples of our Dear Leader’s calumny and prevarication. It wasn’t clear what your Bitemaster could add to the splendid coverage provided by the Real Media.

But now that he’s caught his breath, he’s returning to his duties as the Internet’s premier exposer of idiocy. Enjoy!