New York to start ‘all crimes DNA’ collection in August

Will a larger DNA database help solve more crimes? Sure. Will it keep some innocent people out of jail? Yes. But why not go all the way and install video cameras in everyone’s home? That would solve even more crimes and keep even more innocents out of jail.

For eroding my privacy, Cuomo and the legislature can Bite Me.

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NYS redistricting sucks. So what’s new?

Manhattan Democratic District Leader Curis Arluck on the new redistricting lines drawn by the state legislature: “The primary fault for this [the gerrymandered lines] lies with the State Senate Republicans, who devised this monstrosity, but considerable blame must also be given to our Governor and various good government groups, who bombarded us with sanctimonious claptrap about “independent” redistricting commissions—not a very popular concept in our area, which has no local City Council representation under just such an arrangement—and abdicated their role in taking the original lines and demanding they be improved. Redistricting is a practical process, not a gesture in breast beating and pontification.”

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Recall of Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker moves forward

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, which oversees election matters in the state, has certified that United Wisconsin, the coalition that spearheaded the recall effort, along with the state Democratic Party, have collected sufficient signatures to put the recall of Walker before the voters on June 5th.

Walker campaigned for governor on a conservative platform, then veered even further right after being elected. He cut taxes on businesses, then balanced his budget by reducing benefits for state workers — who he then stripped of their collective bargaining rights.

Oh, Walker can Bite Me all right. And I hope the Wisconsin voters Do the Right Thing.

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NY State leaders discuss plan to keep teacher evaluations secret

“State leaders are quietly discussing a plan that would restrict the public release of future teacher evaluations, the Daily News has learned.

“The teacher unions are pressuring lawmakers, who approved controversial changes last week to state and city pension systems, to deliver on the issue of evaluation privacy, sources said.”

Great: If the teachers’ union wins, we’ll never see the numbers. If they lose, we’ll get to see numbers that are pretty much discredited. Somebody — but I’m not sure who — can bite me.

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Bloomberg, billionaire owner of ritzy townhouse, says successors shouldn’t live in Gracie Mansion

Bloomberg, that arrogant idiot actually said, “If a mayor lives there, then what they’re doing is they’re costing this city a lot more money and depriving the rest of the city of one of the great facilities any city has to host events and to show off our city. To take one of the great houses away from the public, I just think is wrong.”

Bloomberg is now a contender for our new “Let them eat cake” award.

While we’re at it, this is the same Bloomberg who gave elite high schools exclusive use of the city-owned Randalls Island ball fields.

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Gov. Christie should tell his own party the truth on federal budget

A Star-Ledger editorial says: “[W]hat’s missing from Christie’s critique [of Obama’s budget proposal] is the hard truth that no debt deal is possible until Republicans agree to significant tax increases as part of it. In the end, the political challenge is clear: We need Democrats who are willing to cut spending, especially in entitlement programs, and we need Republicans who are willing to raise taxes, especially on the wealthy.”

In other words, both parties can Bite Me. Christie can Bite Me, too, because he should know better than to “take shots at Obama and walk away. He needs to tell the hard truths to his own party. And when it comes to solving the debt problem, that has to include tax increases.”

And the Star-Ledger can also bite me. Their editorial is about the national debt. But their headline is about the deficit: “Gov. Christie should tell his own party the truth on national deficit.” Shame on them for getting the two mixed up.

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“Judicial restraint” my ass

“The Supreme Court’s conservative justices said Wednesday they are prepared to strike down President Obama’s healthcare law entirely.”

The gummint can force me to buy auto insurance just to drive my damn car. They can make me pay taxes for their idiot wars. They can dictate healthcare decisions (I can get an abortion if I submit to a vaginal sonogram). They can take and keep my DNA for damn near forever. But, thanks to the guys in the black robes, they can’t make me buy health insurance. Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!

Justices poised to strike down entire healthcare law –

Making Harlem safe for the yuppies

“When Ruthann Richert heard that a wine and liquor store was coming to Lenox Avenue and 119th Street, in the Mount Morris Park historic district where she has lived for 25 years, she had visions of wine tastings with her neighbors.

“Instead, her jaw dropped when she saw workers installing walls of bulletproof plexiglass behind which the sales people and all the alcohol would be encased. And then came the large red neon “Wine & Liquor” sign with a shiny metal back plate and a giant yellow and red vertical ‘Liquor’ sign.”

Good news: The owner of the liquor store gave in to community complaints that the facade reminded them of the “ghetto” and removed the bulletproof glass.

Bad news: The place was broken into twice in the same week by a group of thieves who made off with cash and alcohol.

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Cartoonist Drew Sheneman nails it again

Sheneman says, “It’s always fascinating to see one politician introduce a bad idea, in this case the Governor and his income tax cuts, and watch the other party fight back with an equally bad idea on their own part. Instead of standing up and saying, ‘If the state is so flush with cash, how about putting some cops back on the street.’ the dems have introduced a slightly less insulting version of Christie’s tax cuts for rich folk. In the democrats version, the money we really don’t have would be distributed a bit more fairly amongst the middle class. Let’s work on improving the shooting galleries our urban streets have become before we go around handing out goodie bags.”

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