How Lindsey Graham Stomped the Tea Party but then there’s Eric Cantor

Yesterday morning, Molly Ball of The Atlantic wrote about how Lindsey Graham beat back a Tea Party challenge. Great news . . . I think. But then came the news that Eric Cantor was beaten by political neophyte and Tea Party darling David Brat. Brat’s margin of victory was 56% – 44%.

This does not sound like a Tea Party death knell to those of us here at Biteme HQ.

How Lindsey Graham Stomped the Tea Party – Molly Ball – The Atlantic.

Christian delusions are driving the GOP insane –

Why are the Republicans risking worldwide financial meltdown? According to Amanda Marcotte in Salon, Republicans believe a meltdown is a reasonable price to pay for avoiding God’s wrath at Obama, the Affordable Care Act, gay marriage, abortion, contraception and welfare for poor people:

The Tea Party is actually driven primarily by fundamentalist Christians whose penchant for magical thinking and belief that they’re being guided by divine forces makes it tough for them to see the real world as it is.

via Christian delusions are driving the GOP insane –

Republicans bring about end of American exceptionalism

The Repubs, who are the biggest boosters of American exceptionalism, are on the road to permanently destroying America’s preeminent role in world affairs. Secretary of State Kerry says, “I believe that those standing in the way (of a resolution) need to think long and hard about the message that we send to the world when we can’t get our own act together.”

It looks like, if the Repubs don’t get their own way, they’ll fuck it up for everyone. And that’s why we say BITE ME!

American exceptionalism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If I say that Joe Walsh is a deadbeat dad, he might sue me . . .

So let me be clear: Joe Walsh is not a deadbeat dad. He is, however, an asshole. Since losing his bid for reelection to Congress, the Tea Party darling has asked for a reduction in his child support payments because he cannot make as much money in the private sector as he did while sucking at the public teat.

Joe Walsh Child Support: Ex-Tea Party Rep Says He Can’t Afford Payments Post-Congress.

Tea Party activists, sick of crazy right-wingers in Congress, seeking even CRAZIER right-wingers to run against them

“. . . conservative activists irate at Republicans who voted to raise some taxes without cutting spending are casting about for opponents to Republicans including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and senators Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.”

via Fiscal Cliff: Republican Primaries Eyed By Conservatives After Deal.