NYC now armed encampment

In the wake of the failure of the Staten Island (it’s part of New York City) grand jury to indict police office Daniel Pantaleo for choking Eric Garner to death, there have been several protest marches in the city.

In response, the police department has deployed every available officer and police vehicle to the Upper West Side, as well as a police helicopter overhead. The protests seem peaceful so far but the police are in full riot gear.

Are the police overreacting? Maybe. But if the demonstrators tried to burn down my house, I’d want the cops there lickety-split.

NYPD too busy spying on Muslims to locate disabled students

Police officials say a proposed medical registry of 20,000 students with disabilities would be “an administrative nightmare” and would require resources the NYPD doesn’t have.

Deputy Chief Jeremiah Quinlan, the commanding officer of the NYPD’s special investigations division, said “One serious problem with registries is that they’re generally outdated by the time they’re created.”

I call “bullshit!” The NYPD no doubt has registries of supposed terrorists, bicycle riders, foreigners, and who-knows-what else. But no time to find Avonte Oquendo.

NYPD officials say issuing GPS trackers to disabled students would be ‘an administrative nightmare’ – NY Daily News.

Bush appointees block & boot judge on NYPD stop-and-frisk case

In a stunning act of judicial activism, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit halted a sweeping set of changes to the New York Police Department’s practice of stopping and frisking people on the street, and, in strikingly personal terms, criticized the trial judge’s conduct and removed her from the case.

Having found violations of the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure) and Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection), Shira A. Scheindlin, Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, had ordered the ­appointment of a federal panel to monitor the NYPD, among other reforms.

The three activist judges are:

John M. Walker Jr, — appointed by G.H.W. Bush
José A. Cabranes  — appointed by Bill Clinton
Barrington D. Parker — appointed by G.W. Bush

The case is Floyd, et al. v. City of New York, et al.

Court blocks & boots judge on NYPD stop-and-frisk | New York Post.

It’s worse than we thought: Bloomberg police force has been infiltrating liberal political groups

According to the Huff Post: “Undercover NYPD officers attended meetings of liberal political organizations and kept intelligence files on activists who planned protests around the country, according to interviews and documents that show how police have used counterterrorism tactics to monitor even lawful activities.”

This is just whack. The CIA does domestic surveillance, the FBI does domestic surveillance, the NSA does domestic surveillance, too. But that’s not enough domestic surveillance for Bloomberg. He’s got to do his own damn domestic surveillance. Oh, just Bite Me.

via NYPD Infiltrated Liberal Political Groups, According To New Documents.

NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly lashes out at critics of stop-and-frisk policy

It sure seemed like a “Bite Me” moment when the Commish was grilled at a City Council hearing about the city’s barely constitutional stop-and-frisk policy.

First some background. According to the Daily News, “In 2011, the NYPD stopped more than 684,000 people, a record high. The stats, obtained by the NYCLU, show about 10% of those stops resulted in an arrest or a summons. About 53% of the people stopped were black, 34% were Hispanic and only 9% were white.” Note: under Giuliani, only about 1/6 as many were stopped.

When challenged about the policy, Commissioner Kelly “fired back at elected officials who criticized the stop-and-frisk program and pushed them to offer another solution to curb gun violence. Not one could cough up an answer. . . . ‘I asked you for a solution to the problem of violence in these communities of color,’ he said. ‘I haven’t heard it.’ ”

Kelly’s ripost apparently caught the council members flat-footed. In a later email, however, Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito said that her office had helped write just such an anti-violence plan in late 2011.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly lashes out at critics of stop-and-frisk policy – NY Daily News.