Mr. Chief Justice, and may it please the court

The biggest issue when State of Washington & State of Minnesota v. Trump gets to the Supreme Court is to balance your traditional deference to Executive authority with the need to affirm judicial authority. Deferring to the Executive is perfectly reasonable in a country of some 300 million people, But the President’s many recent attacks on the judiciary make it necessary for you to assert your authority at this time.

I propose that you strike down the ban and uphold your authority.

  1. The specifics of the ban do nothing to make the country safer. The protocols previously in place did an excellent job of that.
  2. In light of the President’s contempt for the judiciary, if you don’t strike down the ban, you will look like a bunch of Executive lapdogs and your Court will be reduced from a co-equal branch of government to a mere rubber stamp.
  3. Once you strike down this Executive Order, you’ll have a free hand to do what you think best in the future.

Thank you.

NYPD too busy spying on Muslims to locate disabled students

Police officials say a proposed medical registry of 20,000 students with disabilities would be “an administrative nightmare” and would require resources the NYPD doesn’t have.

Deputy Chief Jeremiah Quinlan, the commanding officer of the NYPD’s special investigations division, said “One serious problem with registries is that they’re generally outdated by the time they’re created.”

I call “bullshit!” The NYPD no doubt has registries of supposed terrorists, bicycle riders, foreigners, and who-knows-what else. But no time to find Avonte Oquendo.

NYPD officials say issuing GPS trackers to disabled students would be ‘an administrative nightmare’ – NY Daily News.