Arizona professor promotes better living through chemistry

Braden Allenby, former Vice President for Environment, Health and Safety at AT&T calls sports doping “enhancement” and thinks that we should get over our opposition to it, because it’s just part of the evolution of our species.

You’d think this was some Onion parody, but it’s not. The guy is actually a professor of ethics at Arizona State University,  and is hoping to study the “ethical, tactical and logistical , legal and policy, military-civilian, and strategic issues raised by the future deployment of bio-medically-enhanced warfighters

Lance Armstrong’s fall: A case for allowing performance enhancement – The Washington Post.

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Stephen Colbert reveals that global warming is caused by immigrants

“One thing audiences love about conservative firebrand Stephen Colbert is that he’s not afraid to state the uncomfortable truths, the things that lie beyond the realms of liberals’ namby-pamby notions of ‘political correctness.’ ”

Relying on research by white-supremacist John Tanton, Colbert reveals that immigrants to the US soon begin to eat, drive and waste energy like Americans — with the result that they create four times the volume of carbon emissions that they did in their home countries.

Tanton and his network of front groups can Bite Me.

Colbert: Global warming caused by immigrants | The Raw Story.