Zumba johns: Let the whining begin

Every day, names of alleged prostitutes like Alexis Wright of Kennebunk, Maine, are splashed across the news. Names of alleged criminals appear in press releases from the District Attorneys and US Attorneys. People (innocent until proven guilty) are perp-walked in front of the drooling TV cameras. But let a dude be caught with his pants down in a prostitution case and all of a sudden the system done him wrong.

Police say that high school hockey coach Don Hill was a customer of Wright. Gary Prolman, Hill’s lawyer, says he finds it “revolting” that Hill felt compelled to give up the job he loved because of the unproven charge that he engaged a prostitute. “I used to think that in the United States you were innocent until proven guilty and you don’t lose everything because of an accusation. I guess that’s all changed now,” Prolman said. “I’m pretty disgusted with the whole judicial process right now.”

Prolman, cry me a river. Or, better yet, Bite Me.

Lawyer angry that coach’s name was made public in Zumba prostitution case in Maine | StarTribune.com.

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