Three Baton Rouge cops shot and killed by Christian terrorist

A Christian terrorist wearing all black and toting a rifle shot and killed three cops in Baton Rouge and wounded three more Sunday. The man, identified as Gavin Eugene Long of Missouri, is suspected of being a member of either New Freedom Group or the Sovereign Citizens.

Conservative blogs are already blaming President Obama, who is suspected of being a closet Christian, for the killings.

Source: Three Baton Rouge cops shot and killed by lone gunman

Christian terrorist murders 150, pastor says that he fully supports the family and stands by him

In March, German Lutheran Andreas Lubitz piloted a Germanwings airplane into the French Alps, killing all 150 aboard.

It’s not clear at this time whether Rev. Michael Dietrich’s church in Montabuar was where Lubitz was groomed for his terrorist mission, but it’s unquestionable that Lutherans have been notoriously Christian for hundreds of years.

The Christian threat is not limited to Germany, however. In recent years, Christians have been infiltrating the US government and now make up a majority of both the Supreme Court and the Congress. Fortunately, the presidency is still safely in the hands of a Muslim.

Andreas Lubitz’s Pastor Speaks Out, Offers Support for Lubitz Family and Community.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas both march in Paris

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas were among the leaders attending, as were top representatives of Russia and Ukraine.

“We are all Charlie, we are all police, we are all Jews of France,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared on Saturday, referring to the victims of the attacks that included employees at Charlie Hebdo, shoppers at a kosher grocery and three police officers.

Tomorrow: Lion lies down with lamb.

via National Unity March In Paris Draws World Leaders And Crowd Of Over A Million.

ISIS invasion of Lebanon delayed while they try to figure out arcane Lebanese politics

“We do not yet understand the Logic of Lebanon . . . ,” ISIS spokesman Saaden Ibn-Jahshein hissed, scanning an organizational chart of the Lebanese state, prominent political parties, feudal families, local bosses, religious leaders, garden-variety thugs, ambassadors, other foreign participants, and pop-up nongovernmental organizations and consultancies. “Who the fuck do we overthrow around here?”

ISIS: Coup delayed for ‘communal coexistence’.