Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Ted Cruz Really Masturbates to: ‘Poor People Without Health Care’

Ted Cruz’s Twitter account “liked” a porn video; later Cruz said it was a mistake resulting from a “staffing issue.” Sure, tell me another one.

In response, Jimmy Kimmel explained that ‘Ted Cruz masturbates to pictures of poor people without health care.’ Burn! (Watch the Kimmel video here: Kimmel Reveals What Ted Cruz Really Masturbates to: ‘Poor People Without Health Care’ (Video).

Cory Chase, the actress in the porn video, says that Cruz “pirated that video. He should have paid Reality Kings for a subscription.” Double burn!

Santorum soft on child rape

When Santorum was asked “to compare his criticism of President Obama for ‘favoring pornographers over children’ for allegedly not targeting child pornography — with [Santorum’s] lack of criticism of Penn State icon Joe Paterno in that school’s child sex abuse scandal or the Catholic church’s child sex abuse scandal” Santorum ran for the door and called the questions “insulting.”

Sure it’s a “gotcha” question. The difference is that Obama isn’t “soft” on child porn. That charge was just a campaign stunt on Santorum’s part. But Santorum really is soft on child rape. When asked about the very real crimes perpetrated by the Church and (Penn) State, Santorum wouldn’t even reply with a bland “Where crimes are committed, I condemn them, as would every person of faith.”

DuMont, Santorum spar over child porn, Penn State, Catholic church – Chicago Sun-Times.

and in Politico. The bad news: Politico says that Santorum “gave Paterno a congressional commendation.” Could be, but I can’t find it. What I do find is that Santorum sponsored Jerry Sandusky for the “Congressional Angels in Adoption” award. If I’m right, I’m sponsoring Politico for the BiteMe Award for Sloppy Journalism.