Senator Lindsey Graham opposes “Citizenship from Birth”; BiteMe agrees.

 “We can’t just have people swimming across the river having children here — that’s chaos.” — Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina

We’re pleased to endorse Graham’s proposal to roll back the 14th amendment so that it only applies to white people. But we expect the honorable gentleman from South Carolina to be the first to provide proof that his ancestors came here legally.

Source: Citizenship From Birth Is Challenged on the Right – The New York Times

Right-wing activists demand Lindsey Graham’s email passwords

Apparently Sen. Lindsey Graham said that Americans have nothing to fear from government snooping if they have nothing to hide. When FreedomWorks, a bunch of young libertarian-leaning community organizers, heard about it, they got all kinds of pissed. So they are demanding that Sen. Graham reveal his email passwords so we can all see what he’s been up to.

Sounds good to me, after all, I’m in favor of more government transparency.

Demand Lindsey Graham’s Email Passwords – FreedomWorks.

Rev. Franklin Graham is very confused

Billy Graham’s boychik is a very confused fellow. Sometimes he thinks Obama is a Muslim, but sometimes not. Sometimes he thinks Romney’s a Christian, but sometimes not.

Graham says he doesn’t know if Obama is a Christian, because it depends on what’s in Obama’s heart. But Graham knows that Santorum is a Christian because he spoke to Santorum and he got a good feeling about him.

Until Graham gets straightened out, he can just Bite Me.