Michele Bachmann thinks God is using terror attacks to humiliate Obama

The Bitemaster thinks that Bachmann could be right: that God is indeed humiliating Obama through terror attacks in Paris and Brussels. Of course, God also elevated Obama to President — twice! — in a display of Divine approval. God even showed displeasure with Bachmann in 2012 by engineering Bachmann’s stunning failure in the Iowa caucuses that year.

The confusing thing is why God would choose to rain terror down on the United States on September 11, 2001, during George W. Bush’s presidency. I can only say that She works in mysterious ways.


Source: Michele Bachmann finds common cause with ISIS: God using terror attacks to humiliate Obama

Michele Bachmann goes on insane rant

Click to listen to Michele Bachmann and then answer this quiz:

  1. Has the Bitemaster finally gone so far in putting words into people’s mouths that he’s passed the bounds of satire?
  2. Is Michele Bachmann suffering from a neurological disorder?

Source: Michele Bachmann goes on insane anti-Muslim rant: Migrants are nuking Western Civilization with rape!