Are Journalists Enabling A Smear Campaign Against Keith Ellison?

Daniel Marans writes a stirring apologia for Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), who has been the subject of claims of anti-Semitism. The column ends with this quote from Ellison:
[Israel] has mobilized its Diaspora in America to do its bidding in America.
“Do its bidding”? Really?

Source: Journalists Are Enabling A Smear Campaign Against Keith Ellison | The Huffington Post

Pro-Palestinian activists serve eviction notices on Jewish undergrads at NYU

Anti-Semitic activists have been pushing phony eviction notices under the the dorm room doors of Jewish undergrads at NYU. The notices included the following:

If you do not vacate the premise by midnight on 25 April, 2014, we reserve the right to destroy all remaining belongings.We cannot be held responsible for property or persons remaining inside the premises. Charges for demolition will be applied to your student accounts.

And here’s the tepid response of NYU mouthpiece John Beckman:

A flier titled ‘eviction notice’ anonymously slipped under doors at night is not an invitation to thoughtful, open discussion.

Thanks, John. I’m glad you cleared that up.

Pro-Palestine NYU students serve fake eviction notices to Jewish undergrads – NY Daily News.