The Bitemaster is not a big fan of . . .

The Bitemaster is not a big fan of . . .

  • The Rhode Island branch of the ACLU bringing suit against the nativity scene in Pawtucket RI (they were slapped down by the Supreme Court in Lynch v. Donnelly)
  • What the Taliban did to the Buddhas of Bamiyan
  • The bombing of the Borobudur temple
  • The tearing down of Confederate statues
  • The defacing of statues of Columbus
  • The renaming of the State of Washington
  • The renaming of sports teams

The Bitemaster is fine with

  • Ceasing to fly the Confederate battle flag over government buildings
  • Removing the Confederate battle flag from state flags (i.e., Mississippi)
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Multiculturalism
  • The ACLU defending the right of the Klan to march in Skokie, opposing Trump’s Muslim ban, and protecting the First Amendment rights of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville VA.

On Punching Nazis

Apparently, American Nazi Richard Spencer got punched out the other day. And, apparently, this became some huge Internet meme without my being aware of it. Maybe I need to spend more time on Facebook or Twitter or 4chan so I can keep up.

Anyway, Ken White has written up why punching Nazis is a Bad Idea. It’s definitely worth reading. After you finish that, read up on Vidal Sassoon and the 43 Group.