NYC website to track snow plow service sucks but at least cheaper than under last mayor

A city website to keep track of snow plow service is a blizzard of inaccurate information, a peeved councilman charged Sunday.

Bad news: the website sucks.

Good news: it cost the City hundreds of millions less than it would have under Bloomberg.

Source: NYC website to track snow plow service uses inaccurate data

Bradley Tusk searching for a patsy to run against de Blasio

Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s former campaign manager is running a new campaign — to unseat his boss’ nemesis Mayor de Blasio.

You heard it right. Tusk, who represents Uber, the PBA, and FanDuel, wants to help pick New York City’s next mayor. So why doesn’t he run for mayor himself? After all, he’s been described as a “genius.”

He can’t afford to run. Scores of his business interests depend upon the largess of government and he would have to cut his ties with them in order to serve in public office.

Source: Ex-Bloomberg aide leads 2017 push to replace de Blasio

Bloomberg screwed up city housing; De Blasio hasn’t fixed it yet

The New York City Housing Authority repeatedly fixed the numbers in the their backlog of repair requests instead of actually fixing the problems, according to an audit by New York City Controller Scott Stringer.

The City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has been a disaster for years. Bloomberg had twelve years to get it right but neglected to even try. Now, City Controller Scott Stringer has revealed that Mayor De Blasio isn’t doing any better.

Read the Daily News article: NYCHA misreporting repair numbers: Scott Stringer’s audit – NY Daily News

The Executive Summary

The Comptroller’s Audit Report

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How to improve NYC schools

Well, it’s that season again, where we struggle to understand what’s wrong with our schools, both in New York and nationally.

The Bitemaster first became interested in education policy by reading Fred and Grace Hechinger in The New York Times. More recently, the Bitemaster put forth his education manifesto and mocked Bloomberg’s education failures.

So where do we stand today?

Mayor De Blasio did hire Carmen Fariña, who was an outstanding school principal. But neither De Blasio nor Fariña know what they’re doing; they have no concept of the big picture. So it devolves to the Bitemaster to fix that.

  1. A school system of a million students cannot be run as a federation of little fiefdoms.
  2. It needs process control of the kind that industrial engineers design.
  3. It needs a clear definition of the kind of output the system should generate. E.g., what skills should a student demonstrate in order to be granted a high school diploma?
  4. It needs rigorous measurement (i.e., testing).

That’s the big picture. Now for some of the lesser items:

  • Parents don’t know much about education but have strong feelings anyway. We’ll need some political genius to convince parents to buy into a system where they will have no input.
  • Charter schools cannot scale up to a system that educates 1,000,000 children. Charter schools are divisive and a distraction.
  • Money is not the main problem. Bloomberg doubled the schools budget with no appreciable improvement.
  • Teachers are not the problem. There is no research demonstrating that NYC teachers are any worse than teachers elsewhere in the country.
  • Kids are not all the same. We need accelerated tracks for some children, remedial tracks for others, and vocational tracks for those who don’t have the aptitude for academics.

Now that the Bitemaster has explained it all to you, read what Newsweek wrote about The Best Schools In The World

NYC Mayor de Blasio reboots huge Bloomberg tech boondoggle

When exHizzoner Bloomberg was in control of the program to overhaul the 911 system in New York City, he made millionaires out of scores of tech consultants. The result? The $2 billion project is millions over budget and years behind schedule.

The new guy, de Blasio, has cut three quarters of the consultants and brought supervision of the project in-house.

It may or may not go better, but it sure ain’t gonna go worse.

City takes control of flawed 911 system overhaul – NY Daily News.

Biglaw Firm registers anti-Bloomberg domains but there’s still hope

Willkie Farr & Gallagher have registered a whole bunch of anti-Bloomberg domain names such as:


I suppose they could be working for Bloomberg though, since the names are registered to the law firm and not to ExHizzoner, they could easily turn around and blackmail him.

In any event, should you want to get in on the fun, is still available.

Biglaw Firm Spends Thousands Of Dollars To Troll Client Online « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Schools, Law Suits, Judges and Courts + Career Resources.

Another Bloomberg screw-up

A high-tech polyurethane floor poured in August for the new Police Academy’s massive, 45,000-square-foot gym was a total botch job.

The new Academy building was begun in 2010 and slated for completion in 2013. Now that the high-tech floor (touted as ‘better than Madison Square Garden’) has started to buckle, it will be 2015 — at the earliest — before it can be put into service. Also, it’s going to cost a bunch o’ bucks to replace and the project is already $100 million over budget.

Nice work, Mike.

High-tech floor at new NYPD academy is already falling apart | New York Post.

NY City stills suffers from bad Bloomberg budget bungle

“The price keeps growing for Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, the course the Parks Department has spent the past 14 years building at the foot of the Whitestone Bridge in the Bronx.

“The city now expects to spend an astonishing $236 million to complete the Ferry Point project by next spring over a former landfill, according to new figures compiled for the Daily News by the Independent Budget Office. . . .

“Even though the course will not open until spring 2015, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a symbolic ribbon cutting there in October with golf legend Jack Nicklaus, who designed the course, and with Donald Trump, the developer City Hall selected two years ago to operate it.”

Trump golf course at Ferry Point will cost city $236 million — 10 times original price tag – NY Daily News.