NYC Mayor de Blasio reboots huge Bloomberg tech boondoggle

When exHizzoner Bloomberg was in control of the program to overhaul the 911 system in New York City, he made millionaires out of scores of tech consultants. The result? The $2 billion project is millions over budget and years behind schedule.

The new guy, de Blasio, has cut three quarters of the consultants and brought supervision of the project in-house.

It may or may not go better, but it sure ain’t gonna go worse.

City takes control of flawed 911 system overhaul – NY Daily News.

Bloomberg wastes another billion dollars

Juan Gonzalez, who has been all over Bloomberg for years, writes:

“City Hall aides repeatedly bungled supervision of a massive upgrade of the 911 system, even as the project fell years behind schedule and its costs ballooned by as much as $1 billion, an audit has found.

“When Mayor Bloomberg launched the 911 project in 2004, he promised a seamless system that would replace antiquated police, fire and EMS call-t6akng and dispatch functions with 21st century technology. It had a price tag of  $1.3 billion and was supposed to be done in three years.

“City Hall now concedes the cost has zoomed to at least $2 billion, and Controller John Liu [says] that the price tag is closer to $2.3 billion.”

Soon this will add up to REAL money.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s planned repairs to the 911 emergency call system are $1 billion over budget – NY Daily News.