Donald Trump Didn’t Speak To Striking Autoworkers | HuffPost Latest News

The media got played!

The former president did speak at Drake Enterprises, a small non-union company outside Detroit, where he repeatedly bashed union leadership and argued United Auto Workers members had their priorities backward.

Among the outlets that got it wrong:

  • Politico
  • ABC News
  • The New York Times
  • NPR
  • AP
  • Washington Post
  • CBS Detroit

Source: Donald Trump Didn’t Speak To Striking Autoworkers | HuffPost Latest News

How should Merkel respond to Trump insults?

Trump has been attacking Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel since before he took office. Yet Merkel’s responses have been unnecessarily tame. She should have consulted me.

I have been drinking deeply from the bescumbered river of Trump’s tweets and can state with authority that the following riposte would get his attention:

I slept with Melania and she said that your dick is so small that she needed a magnifying glass to find it, but it didn’t matter since it’s been years since you could get it up.

Source: Ex-NATO Amb. Burns: Trump insults distract from Germany-Russia issue

Thanks to Novobatzky and Shea’s Depraved English, Maledicta, and Jeremy Sherman.

Hot Steaming Mess at White House Correspondents’ Association

The annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner featured comedian Michelle Wolf as this year’s headliner. Apparently her jokes caused some controversy.

Donald Trump hated Wolf’s performance, saying she “totally bombed (couldn’t even deliver her lines-much like the Seth Meyers weak performance).” Ha ha! Seth Myers totally killed at the dinner in 2011!

Publications such as The Hill were scandalized by Wolf’s routine, as were several journalists. (They should reread Martin Niemoeller’s famous poem.)

WHCA President Margaret Talev issued a groveling apology to her members. Why? Because her organization handles credentialing of the journalists who cover the White House and she is probably afraid that Trump will take that away from her.

Does it matter? Not really; there’s really no need for credentialed White House correspondents anymore. The latest insight into the President’s thinking doesn’t come from his press office, it comes from his Tweets.

What we need from the mainstream media these days is rigorous analysis, historical context and investigative journalism, which they do . . . passably.

Source: Journalists Push Back On Correspondents’ Association’s Response To Michelle Wolf | HuffPost

You thought you were getting screwed by Time Warner Cable . . . and you were right

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed a lawsuit (PDF) against Time Warner Cable, accusing the company of lying to both its customers and the FCC. The suit alleges that TWC “Systematically And Knowingly Failed To Deliver The Reliable And Fast Internet Access It Promised To Subscribers Across The State”

Source: Time Warner Cable sued in New York for rampant fraud, lying to the FCC – ExtremeTech

With cameras banned, CNN sends sketch artist to White House briefing

Good one! Though the Bitemaster thinks the White House press corps should disband. Desk jockeys back in the newsroom can read and fact-check the tweets and faxes just as well.

Sean “Alternative Facts” Spicer announces four new “softball seats” in White House press room

Branching out beyond the traditional press core [sic!!], the White House is extending video conferencing access via Skype to reporters that simply don’t have the resources to fly to Washington D.C. for briefings.

Trump routinely packs his events with shills to cheer and applaud him. The effect is to both affect the public perception of his popularity and bolster his sagging morale.

Now he is taking the tactic to the White House briefing room: handpicked supporters will be able to use Skype to toss softball questions to embattled Press Secretary Spicer.

If I were Spicer, I wouldn’t wait another minute. Poor guy needs all the help he can get.

Source: White House adds press room ‘Skype’ seats for remote reporters | Digital Trends

White House press secretary upends tradition in first briefing – NY Daily News

White House Press Secretary Spicer held his first regular briefing today. And not one member of the press corps asked which of today’s statements were “alternative facts.”

Where is Stuttering John now that we need him?

Source: White House press secretary upends tradition in first briefing – NY Daily News

Shepard Fairey’s political art for Trump era

The American street artist Shepard Fairey created a poster for Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign. It was 2008 and the simple red, beige and blue stenciled image of Obama’s face over the word “HOPE” quickly became the iconic image of the election, the rallying cry around which it was fought and won. It remains the enduring image of his presidency. But it is also now a reminder of promised hope ultimately unfulfilled,

Fairey’s new images are not about Trump, but about the people who fear that their place in America is in danger under the new administration.

Source: Shepard Fairey’s inauguration posters may define political art in Trump era

Spicer earns Four Pinocchios for false claims on inauguration crowd size – The Washington Post

Based on Trump’s peevish response to crowd estimates, I think we can start trolling him …

– Obama is better looking
– Bob Dylan sings better
– Bill Clinton is taller
– Bush 41 is braver
– John Derek had hotter wives

This kind of shit could keep him tied up in knots for the next four years.