Bilingual Arizona news anchor insists on pronouncing Spanish words properly

Arizona news anchor Vanessa Ruiz is bilingual and pronounces Spanish words and names correctly. There has been the expected blowback on the Interweb. For example:

“Please speak with out your accent! I hope I didn’t offend, but I love the first amendment without second hand accent.”

We totally support Ruiz’s attempt to educate Americans, but hope someone will establish a GoFundMe to send her to America latina (Latin America) so she can teach them to correctly pronounce English words, such as

  • United States (not Estados Unidos)
  • Baseball (not béisbol)
  • Americans (not Norteamericanos)
  • President Barack Obama (not Presidente Barack Obama)
  • New York (not Nueva York)

And the list goes on . . .

Source: Bilingual Arizona news anchor responds perfectly to criticism about pronouncing Spanish words properly

Is Islam at war with us?

To the Bitemaster, the answer is a clear “no.”

In 1945, a little less than 10% of the US population was serving in the military. If 10% of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims were truly at war with us, I’d expect to see 150 million of them in the military. An invasion by an army of 150 million would be devastating.

Should we carefully watch what the more radical Muslims are up to? Sure.

Should we go out of our way to antagonize the non-radicalized Muslims? Not unless we have a death wish.

Should we try to get our agents provocateurs like Rudy Giuliani to STFU? You betcha!

West Collapses in Spasm of Verbalist Derp.

Who owns “how” ?

Management consultant Dov Seidman is suing Chobani yogurt for using the word “how” as a noun.

Seidman uses the phrase “How Matters” to promote his business; he’s also written a book, How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything. 

The suit is a result of Chobani using the phrase “Chobani. How matters.” in its advertising.

Sigh. Remember when Apple tried to protect the letter “i” ?

How About That? – Lingua Franca – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Liberals can’t write a decent headline

So the Bitemaster was perusing the home page of the Fiscal Policy Institute, home to a bunch of liberal economists. Some of the headlines there were:

  • Examining the Final Report of the Pataki/McCall Commission
  • New Report Examines Shale Drilling Impact
  • Immigration Reform 2013-14: Will Comprehensive Reform Bring More Jobs for Americans?


Now compare some headlines from the American Enterprise Institute:

  • Potholed U.S. roads are a creation of Washington
  • How Obamacare kills jobs
  • Still exceptional: Liberals want to evade the responsibilities of American exceptionalism

Now those are some hot headlines!

Dame Edna Everage — nominated for Biteme Person of the Year (for 2003)

In 2003, Barry Humphries’ character, Dame Edna, made some snarky remarks about Spanish which raised a huge stir, including a denunciation by actress Selma Hayek.

When Dame Edna was questioned about the controversy on the eve of her 2003 Australian tour, she retorted that Hayek’s denunciation was due to “professional jealousy”, and that Hayek was envious because the role of painter Frida Kahlo (for which Hayek received an Oscar nomination) had originally been offered to Edna.

via Dame Edna Everage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ProEnglish Group Has Trouble Writing Proper English

You’re not going to be surprised to learn that an English-as-the-official-language group is having trouble with their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Mind you, your Bitemaster does not think that having an official language is always a bad thing, but when it’s promoted by a bunch of racists, he proclaims, “Bite me!”

ProEnglish Group Has Trouble Writing Proper English.

Dr. Joel Hoffman on why only some grammar rules are breakable

Your Bitemaster is proud to say he sleeps with a copy of “the little book” under his pillow; and he’s also pleased to brag that he’s met the good doctor Hoffman right here in the BiteCave.

In his article on the HoffPost, Dr Hoffman describes both prescriptive and descriptive grammar and then concludes that good writers know when to follow the rules and when to break them.

Here at BiteMe, we follow a similar approach: If you see what you think is a grammar error, you can be sure it was a carefully considered artistic choice.

Dr. Joel Hoffman: Why Only Some Grammar Rules Are Breakable.