Joel Tenenbaum, music pirate and big fat whiner, hit with six-figure judgment

“I can’t believe the system would uphold a six-figure damages amount for downloading 30 songs on a file-sharing system that everybody used,” Tenenbaum said. “I can’t believe the court would uphold something that ludicrous.”

  • Tanenbaum used KaZaa, Limewire and Napster
  • He downloaded over 800 songs
  • He was sharing over 800 songs
  • He lied about it under oath
  • The maximum statutory damages was $4.5 million
  • He could have settled the case for $3,500

Tenenbaum can Bite Me. And the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper can Bite Me, too, for calling damages in a civil suit a “fine.”

via Court won’t reduce Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum’s music download fine | The Oshkosh Northwestern |

Tenenbaum takes the stand: I used P2P and lied about it

Huffington Post

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