Daily News blows it big time

The NY Daily News ran a provocative headline, “Ethnic book ban in Arizona school district includes all books about Mexican-American history, even Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ “ which wildly distorted the story. As far as I can tell, the Arizona legislature enacted a law limiting certain kinds of school curricula. The state Superintendent of Public Instruction ruled that the local district wasn’t in compliance with the law. The district then appealed and lost before an administrative law judge. As a result, the local school board had to act or lose a big chunk of their state ed funding.

If you’re interested, ignore the Daily News’ crap and read the ALJ’s ruling. While you’re at it, note that he says that the Tucson Mexican-American Studies program had no written curriculum (Findings 23, 28, et al.) and was highly politicized.

For more documents, see the Tuscon Unified School District website.

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