Judith Faulkner, CEO of Epic Systems can Bite Me

The New York Times has an article on the digitizing of medical records. Goodness knows we need that (one doctor lost my complete paper file — oops!). Since there are a number of players (i.e., companies) in the field, The Times says, “All of those companies’ varying systems have raised concerns about usability, especially when different systems must share information. Some wonder if the government should play a bigger role in creating uniform technical standards and designs across systems.”

But Judith Faulkner, CEO of Epic Sytems, one of the oldest and largest players, says, “So far the advisory committees that I am on have been wise in figuring out the right balance between what should be left to the vendors as they listen to their customers and what should be prescribed by the government.”

I had some medical tests done and the results were sent to one of my doctors. I was in her office when she brought up the report on her computer, wrote down some numbers on a piece of paper and then typed them into her program. She then sent a report to another doctor. Later, I was in his office when he brought the report up on his computer, wrote down some numbers on a piece of paper and typed them into his program.

I think it’s time for some standardization here. And if Faulkner doesn’t like it, she can BITE ME.

One thought on “Judith Faulkner, CEO of Epic Systems can Bite Me

  1. Hey, Judy! My doctor is switching EHR/EMR systems. Thanks to enlightened vendors like you, there’s no way for him to transfer my records to the new system. Instead, I have to enter it all myself. Estimated time: 45 minutes. The only upside is that Trump may dump all those pesky regulations that keep you in business.

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