Kyle Smith, top bile-spewer at NY Post, is jealous of Scott Stringer

Kyle Smith, who gets paid to slam Democrats in the Post, has taken time out from his busy schedule of doing good deeds, to knock City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Stringer, who has served well as a member of the Assembly, Borough President and State Comptroller, is far from perfect. But he has done a lot of good and has shown himself to be a dedicated public servant.

But Smith is not satisfied by showing any Stringer shortcomings. Because Stringer is a liberal — in a decidedly liberal city — Smith is bent on destruction through character assassination. Some examples:

  • ‘The career politicians in the administrative class like to call themselves “public servants” when they’re feeling humble, or “leaders” when a moment of vanity strikes.’ [cheap shot artists like Smith like to resort to scare quotes]
  • ‘They’re really more like imperial overlords. Sometimes they’re elected, sometimes they’re not, but either way what they love most is to spend our money on their own glorification.’
  • Smith calls Stringer New York’s ‘newest little Caesar’
  • Smith describes Stringer’s election by NYC voters a ‘coup’ and his security detail a ‘Praetorian guard’
  • With no basis, Smith refers to the Comptroller’s alleged ‘imperial obliviousness.’
  • Smith flings around the phrase ‘our rulers’ but neglects to say exactly who he’s referring to. I’d guess it’s elected officials who he disagrees with. I doubt he’d use the term to describe George Bush or Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz or Peter T. King.

So it’s high time to tell Kyle Smith: Bite me!

Public ‘servants’ spend our money on their own glorification | New York Post.

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