Ft. Lauderdale sucks; Pope Francis rocks!

While Ft. Lauderdale arrests people for feeding the homeless, Pope Francis is building three shower stalls for the homeless in the public restrooms of St. Peter’s Square.

This particular idea came from the Pope’s “Almoner,” Archbishop Konrad Krajewsk, but the Pope’s commitment to the poor is long-standing:

Pope Francis has paid special attention to the plight of the poor during his young papacy. Last year, a source in Rome told The Huffington Post that the pontiff has left the Vatican at night dressed like an ordinary priest to join Krajewski on his nightly rounds to meet with the homeless. According to the AP, it’s a practice he began when he was archbishop of Argentina.

No wonder Francis has been called a communist, a leftist; and his ideas reviled as “pure Marxism.”

Pope Francis’ Almoner Is Building Showers For The Homeless At The Vatican.

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