Fashionistas hate swimsuit model Kate Upton. Millions of men say “Bite me!”

David Horsey writes: “Some among the sleek set in the fashion industry think the 19-year-old, self-promoting model is too chubby to be chic — their definition of hefty encompassing 99% of the nation’s females. The fashion mavens denigrate Upton’s whole look – her too-blond hair, her generic, pouty cheerleader face and her long legs that one critic described as looking as if they belong to a player for the WNBA. The casting director for Victoria’s Secret fashion shows said she’d never allow such a skank to darken her runway. (We all know how Victoria’s Secret is the epitome of haute couture.)”

All together, now, guys: BITE ME!

Sports Illustrated bikini model Kate Upton sparks a debate –

Image from Sports Illustrated.

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