Court: Musical Preference Doesn’t Prove Gang Membership

Evidently “Los Tigres del Norte” is a band, not a terrorist organization.

In 2010, a court in the state of Washington convicted Anthony DeLeon of three counts of first degree assault. Because the crimes were committed while the defendant was armed with a firearm and with an intent to benefit a criminal street gang, DeLeon was sentenced to 1,002 months in jail.

The evidence of DeLeon’s gang involvement included a song by Los Tigres del Norte that he had on his cell phone.

The Supreme Court of the State of Washington has now weighed in on the case:

Los  Tigres  Del  Norte  have  sold  32  million  albums.  They  have  won  five  Latin  Grammy  awards,  and  they  have  performed  in  front  of  U.S.  troops  serving  abroad.  There  is  no  support  in  the  record  for  the  contention  that  enjoying  their  music  is  evidence  of  gang  involvement.  While  this  may  not  be  the  primary  issue  in  this  case,  we  felt  that  it was  nonetheless  important  to  take  this  opportunity  to  remind  courts  to  exercise  far  more  caution  when  drawing  conclusions  from  a defendant’s  musical  preferences.

Source: Court: Musical Preference Doesn’t Prove Gang Membership

NB: The Bitemaster actually owns a Los Tigres CD and he’s most certainly not a gang member, with the possible exception of the Internet Gang of Blowhards.

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