Ukrainian Carding King ‘Maksik’ Was Lured to Arrest

The Bitemaster was surfing around the Web when he came across this article from 2010:

Ukrainian Carding King ‘Maksik’ Was Lured to Arrest | Threat Level | WIRED.

In short, Maksym Yastremskiy, a Ukrainian who is alleged to have sold millions of dollars worth of stolen credit and debit card information, was caught following a “sneak-and-peek” search of his laptop while he was traveling through Dubai.

Fans of BITEME well know that we don’t like government — or Google, for that matter — snooping through people’s stuff. But how the hell do we catch the big time thieves without some serious privacy invasion?

On another note, the article notes that 143 million credit and debit card records were stolen in 2009. With numbers that high, how will the credit card companies survive? Perhaps by getting us to switch to debit cards, which have less protection against loss or fraud.

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