Tyson Gay — first athlete to not whine, deny or sue over positive PED test results

US sprinter Tyson Gay came up positive on a drug test. He’s not planning to sue or slander anyone — unlike some people we could name.

Gay said, “I have to go over everything with USADA first. I will take whatever punishment I get like a man. I do realize and respect what I put in my body and it is my responsibility. I’m going to be honest with USADA, about everything, everybody I’ve been with, every supplement I’ve ever taken, every company I’ve ever dealt with, everything.”

The USADA said it “appreciates his approach to handling this situation and his choice to voluntarily remove himself from competition while the full facts surrounding his test are evaluated.”

All of which makes him a much finer person than Lance Armstrong.

U.S. sprinter Tyson Gay tests positive, won’t race – ESPN.

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