John Haggerty legal defense fund

John Haggerty, convicted of stealing $1,000,000 of the money that Bloomberg was laundering through the Independence Party, now has a legal defense fund. The Daily News notes that it was set up by a group of ex-Pataki aides.

But the News forgot that they had written back in 2010Haggerty did not register Special Elections Operations [the front that Haggerty funneled the money through] with the state Secretary of State’s Office until Dec. 3 — a full month after the general election. The operation shares an address with an Albany consulting firm run by former Pataki administration aides.[Emphasis added]

How this all fits together is beyond me. But the connection between Haggerty and those Pataki aides is pretty clear.

Ex-Pataki Aides Team Up For John Haggerty | New York Daily News.

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