Dallas teen deported under fake name — now wants to sue

When teen runaway Jakadrien Lorece Turner was arrested for shoplifting in 2010, she gave a fake name. Turns out the name was that of an illegal immigrant from Colombia. Oops! Turner was later deported under that name. Eventually her grandmother convinced US immigration that they had deported Turner, not Tika Lanay Cortez, and US officials retrieved her from Colombia.

Now Dallas attorney Ray Jackson says he is planning to file a wrongful deportation lawsuit for a violation of Turner’s constitutional rights, possibly against the Houston Police Department, ICE, Homeland Security and Colombia.

I say, if you give a fake name when you’re arrested and you don’t like the consequences, y’all can Bite Me!

via Dallas teen mistaken for Colombian immigrant and deported had maintained alias while in jail cellĀ  – NY Daily News.

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