Christie flips then he flops

Back in 2010, NJ Gov. Chris Christie campaigned for anti-union demagogue Scott Walker, traveling the country “touting his plan to take on New Jersey’s public employee unions by reining in pension and health benefit costs.”

But Christie changed his tune in March 2011, blaming “liberals in the media” for pointing to similarities in the way New Jersey and Wisconsin tackled public-sector unions, and said contracts should be negotiated through collective bargaining.

Now Christie is traveling to Wisconsin to campaign for Walker in Green Bay and Milwaukee. “There was never a doubt that Walker was going to be no-nonsense when he got into the governor’s office,” Christie’s right-hand man Mike DuHaime said to the Star-Ledger. “He was not going to just be a wallflower. He was going to make chances for what he thought was right. Just like Gov. Christie, he was going to grab problems by the throat and not let go.”

Chris Christie, the most mendacious governor in the history of New Jersey, can Bite Me.

Christie to campaign for controversial Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker |

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