Rush Limbaugh: a barometer for the GOP

This is from a Leonard Pitts Jr. op-ed:

“Spare me the false moral equivalence of noting that liberals are sometimes guilty of the same crimes. Duh. Of course they are. But the frequency and intensity on the left do not begin to compare with that of the right.

“Think the late Andrew Breitbart sliming Shirley Sherrod. Think James O’Keefe dressing like Superfly in his campaign of video mendacity. Think Fox “News” lying abed with birthers. Think Sarah Palin reading off her palm. Think Herman Cain trying to answer a question on foreign policy. Think Rick Perry trying to remember the third agency. And think a presidential primary that’s raised such a stench many party elders are holding their noses.

“The GOP has been so overrun by extremists that “moderate” is now an epithet and the moderate Republican Olympia Snowe just ran for the door. Sacking Rush Limbaugh would not fix that. The problem is not a conservative talk-show host, but conservatism itself as presently construed.”

via Editorials & Opinion | Rush Limbaugh: a barometer for the GOP | Seattle Times Newspaper.

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