Ted Cruz wants real journalists like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to moderate future GOP debates

Source: Cruz: Let ‘real journalists’ Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh host GOP debates instead of ‘left wing operatives’

Under Cruz’s plan . . .

you’d have moderators that were trying to help conservatives make a decision who’s going to be the best and strongest conservative to represent us and win, who is the proven conservative, the consistent conservative.

It actually sounds like an interesting idea. But the Bitemaster thinks they should go one better. Conservatives throughout the country should elect non-aligned delegates to a convention; at the convention the delegates would hear from the aspiring candidates and select the party’s candidate for President.

Rush Limbaugh: a barometer for the GOP

This is from a Leonard Pitts Jr. op-ed:

“Spare me the false moral equivalence of noting that liberals are sometimes guilty of the same crimes. Duh. Of course they are. But the frequency and intensity on the left do not begin to compare with that of the right.

“Think the late Andrew Breitbart sliming Shirley Sherrod. Think James O’Keefe dressing like Superfly in his campaign of video mendacity. Think Fox “News” lying abed with birthers. Think Sarah Palin reading off her palm. Think Herman Cain trying to answer a question on foreign policy. Think Rick Perry trying to remember the third agency. And think a presidential primary that’s raised such a stench many party elders are holding their noses.

“The GOP has been so overrun by extremists that “moderate” is now an epithet and the moderate Republican Olympia Snowe just ran for the door. Sacking Rush Limbaugh would not fix that. The problem is not a conservative talk-show host, but conservatism itself as presently construed.”

via Editorials & Opinion | Rush Limbaugh: a barometer for the GOP | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Jon Stewart offers to pay for your diaphragms if . . .

Jon Stewart says, “To the people who are upset about their hard earned tax money going to things they don’t like: Welcome to the [deleted] club. Everyone pays for [deleted] they don’t want to all the time. You know what? Reimburse me for the Iraq war and oil subsidies and diaphragms are on ME!”

[See about 5:59]

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Rush Limbaugh calls student a slut

When a law student wanted to testify before Congress about the need for health plans to cover the cost of contraception, did Rush critique her ideas or the need for her to testify? No. He called her a slut. Is this personal attack the vomitus of a vile talk show host — or just the typical response of a respected conservative thinker when confronted with an opposing view? I’m not sure but, either way, Rush can Bite Me.

Rush Limbaugh blasted for ‘slut’ comment.