KKK not interested in African-American members

The Klan has recently been distributing recruiting flyers in many places, including Katy, Texas. There, the flyers urged recipients to “join the fight to protect U.S. borders.”

Damian Neveaux, who is African-American, received a flier and called the number because he, too, was concerned about border security. He reached a Klan representative who told him he would not be allowed to join.

“The only way you can become a member is if you’re 100 percent Caucasian,” Neveaux recalled the Klan member telling him, according to KPRC-TV of Houston. “This flier wasn’t meant for you.”

Shucks. The Bitemaster is pretty pale, but who among us really can be sure they have no African blood in them?

via From NY to Texas, KKK recruits with candies and fliers – CNN.com.

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