Bloomberg’s education department could learn a thing or two

“In his 2009 book Drive, author Daniel Pink examined decades of social experiments that described [job satisfaction] in terms of “extrinsic” and “intrinsic” motivators. The “extrinsic” motivators consist of traditional carrot and stick rewards such as cash bonuses or punishment – the reward environment in which waiters work.

“The “intrinsic” motivators are internal desires to do good work or create a successful product – the goal of many people working in the theatre. Pink’s argument is that, in the modern workplace, the “extrinsic” system of rewards is often a less effective motivator, but one on which too many managers still rely. In fact, there is no greater myth in managing a team or company than believing financial compensation is a sufficient incentive to engage and retain top talent and drive high performance.”

Bloomberg seems to think that he can bully or bribe teachers into doing a better job. To date, he’s been proven wrong.

via Six Reasons Your Best Employees Quit You – Forbes.

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