World Vision forced to back down on amazing policy towards gays

World Vision recently changed their policy on gay employees and then changed again.

The old policy was to avoid hiring gay employees. They even won lawsuits over it.

The new policy held everyone to the same standards of fidelity. Gays and straights were expected to be celibate if single, and faithful if married. It was strict, but it was fair. It brought a traditional ethic of family, valued by many Christians, to bear equally on both gay and straight employees.

After the policy change to accept gay Christians was announced, the evangelical right switched into high gear and, in effect, forced the organization to retract or lose their funding.

How sad. It sounds like World Vision really tried to do the right thing.

World Vision’s (Failed) Attempt at Justice for Gay Christians¬†|¬†Paul Brandeis Raushenbush.

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