The Bitemaster predicts

Here’s your chance to match your prognosticating skills against the Bitemaster!

I predict:

  • The EPA gets eliminated
  • The Department of Education gets eliminated (liberals hate Common Core; conservatives want more Jesus in the curriculum)
  • There will be big changes in Social Security. The question is what those changes will be. Conservatives want to privatize it. The Bitemaster would have raised the eligibility age, raised the $118,500 cap, and means-tested the payout.
  • Tax cuts — you betcha!
  • Obamacare — gone
  • The Great Wall of Trump. The wall would cost ‘way more than any Republican wants to spend. They’ll build a fence instead.
  • Muslims — Bigots of every stripe are already feeling empowered, but the section on “Muslims” has been scrubbed from the Trump campaign website.
  • Defense spending — goes up.
    • We’ll need it as we become more isolationist
    • Trumpers are xenophobic
    • And every Member of Congress wants more defense spending in their district
  • Infrastructure spending — Trump loves it and the unions (remember them?) love it, too.
  • Abortion rights — kiss ’em goodbye.
  • Transgender bathroom rights — Gone; even the Bitemaster had problems with this one.
  • Protectionism — centerpiece of Trump’s plan but big business and many Republicans hate it. Hard to predict this one.
  • Trump’s enemies list — He’s promised to prosecute, sue, or deport tons of people from Mexicans to Hillary to journalists. It’s only a matter of time before you’re on the list.
  • Internal surveillance — all governments love it. Obama was horrible on privacy rights. Trump will be worse (hey, what have you got to hide?).

4 thoughts on “The Bitemaster predicts

  1. Automation — Most jobs have been lost to automation, not to overseas outsourcing, and the Bitemaster isn’t sure what can be done about it.

    Unions — Trump supports right-to-work laws, so kiss them unions goodbye. In theory, lower wages should deter employers from hiring illegal immigrants, as well as deterring automation, but the Bitemaster isn’t sure that it works that way in practice.

    Income disparity — it usually gets much worse under Republicans and there’s no reason to suppose that a Trump administration will be any different. Presumably Trump will find someone to blame.

  2. He’s already backpedaling on the wall and on Obamacare. My read on him is that he’s a complete con man who will say and do anything to get elected, and my prediction is that he commits an ethics breach involving Trump University or one of the literally hundreds of other Trump-branded enterprises so egregious even most of the GOP will agree that impeachment and removal are the only options.

  3. Oh, I don’t think it will be hard at all for the GOP to agree to impeach trump, especially when you consider who replaces him: Mike Pence! I mean, who the heck knows what T really wants to do; Pence has put his money where his mouth is on being a far-right conservative. They’ll probably wait until after T has shown how much he really cares about the little people who elected him, and his popularity goes down.

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