Texas judge tries to get defense lawyer arrested on fake charges; receives slap on wrist

Texas justice of the peace J. Kent Adams made racist comments — like asking a black mother if she was on welfare and expected the government to pay her fine. And Adams called defense attorney Henry Nguyen “boy” and told him that the school records Nguyen subpoenaed to defend his client were “none of his (expletive) business.”

That’s just Adams being a dick.

But after Nguyen complained to the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct, judge Adams tried to persuade a prosecutor to sign an affidavit saying Nguyen’s claims were false and tried to pressure another prosecutor to file perjury charges against Nguyen.

Abuse of his office earns Adams a “Bite Me.” But when the State Commission on Judicial Conduct merely issues a public admonishment — the lowest form of public punishment the Commission can levy — they can Bite Me, too.

Houston Chronicle article

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