Gingrich is preferred by voters who oppose interracial marriage

I understand how you could rig this: ask voters if they worship Karl Marx. Then ask who they prefer for president, and write a headline that says “Karl Marx worshipers prefer Candidate Bob by 23.2%.”

But that’s not what happened here. Public Policy Polling polled voters in Alabama and Mississippi and found that 21% of Alabama Republicans believe interracial marriage should still be illegal; the number in Mississippi was higher, 29% desiring it to still be illegal.

So how important is this to Gingrich?

In Mississippi, 40% of the anti-interracial voters prefer Gingrich. That works out to 12% of the voters who prefer Gingrich AND are anti-interracial marriage (.4 x .29). Among all voters, Gingrich is currently polling at 33% in Mississippi. That means that over 36% of Gingrich’s Mississippi support comes from people who think interracial marriage should still be illegal (.12/.33). Ouch!

Which isn’t to say that Romney doesn’t get any support from that bloc, but his number is much lower: 25%.

Somebody should ask the Newt where he stands on interracial marriage . . .

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