Does conservative philanthropy ignore the poor?

According to William Schambra of the Hudson Institute, there was a time when conservatives not only cared about the poor and social justice, they actually backed those concerns with their money.

Schambra cites few facts, and I can think of only a few examples of the “bleeding heart conservatism” from those good old days. But there was Jack Kemp. Kemp was a fiscal conservative who, when he served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under George H.W. Bush, actually tried to improve housing for the poor.

Kemp supported gay rights, civil rights, enterprise zones, home ownership for public housing tenants, combating poverty, rights for illegal immigrants and affirmative action.

Today, he’d be relegated to the slag heap along with Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe.

Does conservative philanthropy ignore the poor? –

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