Bloomberg is $2 BILLION dollars over budget on Croton Water Filtration Plant, but $100 million under on his promise to build parks and playgrounds

One friend recently said about Bloomberg, “At least he made the trains run on time.” Not hardly. If you scroll through this blog, you’ll find example after example of mismanagement, fraud and cost overruns. The best you can say is that Bloomberg is not stealing to line his own pockets.

Back in 2004, Bloomberg promised nearly $200 million in improvements to parks and playgrounds in the Bronx in order to win City Council and state Legislature approval of a new water filtration plant under the Mosholu Golf Course in the Bronx. The project, originally projected to cost $1.2 billion, is now at $3.5 billion. But the parks and playgrounds are a different story. There, the mayor only spent half the promised money.

In fact, the last public program that Bloomberg got right was the 311 system, and that was in the first year of his first term.

H/t to MrMild for this one.

Ten years later, Croton Water Filtration Plant deal to invest in parks, playgrounds a mess of broken promises – NY Daily News.

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